Why Profitable Trading Is So Difficult

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoDoji, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. wrbtrader


    Macattack would strongly disagree along with a dozen or so journals in the journal section by traders complaining about problematic trading in the chop that they only see in hindsight instead of seeing it when they want to see it...as in in real-time while trading.

    Just the same, there are lots of journals in the past few years by traders that complain about missing the big moves or wishing they had the guts to trade them big moves and bitching about today's problematic market conditions.

    Therefore, it would seem you see ET via only what you want to see. That's ok but don't assume others see what you see as I noted about macattack and so many other traders. Most here have trading problems and openly discusses such. Therefore, please take a walk around the block a few more times to get a clearer vision of the reality. Simply, don't let your personal bias against a few that say they're profitable cloud your vision of what most ETers are saying about their trading when those few show up to try to help the masses.

    Lastly, since you don't believe profitable trading is possible, I highly recommend you stop trading and go find another hobby or career instead of wasting your valuable time at a forum full of traders asking for help with their trading...seriously...don't you think its time for you to minimize your losses and move on to something more fruitful.

    Life is too short for that type of online persona you have.
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  2. Daring


    "And no, I don't believe profitable trading, or even profitable daytrading is impossible, far from it"

    You can trade but you cannot read, only on ET as well!
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  3. Redneck



    Daring does believe profitable trading is possible

    He just doesn't believe it can be read real time and successfully acted upon - apparently ??

    His sentence about trading profitably is a double negative

    eta - never mind

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  4. Daring


    I believe it can be read real time and successfully acted upon, yes, very much so.

    However, there's a certain "ugliness" to trading that cannot be avoided, no matter how skilled you are, and the obvious omissions from the likes of gurus making it look like intraday scalping the 1min/5min is as easy as making popcorn in the microwave rubs me the wrong way.

    Obviously, I'm the minority in this thread, so this time I will keep my promise and slowly crawl into my bed to get my beauty treatment before FOMC.
    #34     Jan 29, 2014
  5. wrbtrader


    That's possible :D
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  6. wrbtrader


    You should read some of NoDojis earlier messages here at ET about her struggles with trading for a long time until things started making sense for her. Simply, your bias against a few in this thread is misguided because you didn't take the time to review their post history, their own trading struggles and laughed at by other ET members.

    To be upfront, when NoDoji arrived here and I saw the problems she openly discussed in her trading...I didn't think she would make it. Yet, slowly I started seeing progress in what she started talking about.

    Fast forward, she's still here...still standing while those like you can't see beyond a few months of posting history for some strange reason (do you folks do such intentional ?) as if you showed up at a film at the theater to only watch the last 15 minutes of a 2 hour film to use as your thesis of the film.

    Remember, just because someone says they're profitable, it would seem like common sense to me to assume that they were not profitable out of the gate and that they put in the hard work that's needed to get where they are at today.
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  7. Redneck


    There is also an aspect to this gig, where one has to suspend all the mind clutter and simply act upon that which is occurring real time

    How many,

    Think the mkt is out to get them
    Try to guess/ second guess what the other trader are thinking
    Second guess their own thoughts / actions
    Can't grasp uncertainty… let alone operate in it – while keeping a clear head
    Don’t trust price… let alone their self – or – their ability to act in their own best interest
    Want to fight – every F’n thing
    Can’t exit a loser – while it still small or b/e
    Can’t sit patiently, after missing a trade, until the next set up comes along
    Can’t let a working trade – work
    Become flustered when volatility/ momentum show up
    Can’t repeat that which works

    No trading this way isn’t easy – at first… but once you get it – it’s really no harder than reading a dime novel and following along

    jme – whether anyone agrees or disagrees – I really don’t give a shit

    We all get exactly what we want – may you want what you get

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  8. Redneck


    And what would that be

    Mkt is a data set of buying and selling - neither good or bad... pretty or ugly... malicious or benevolent

    It simply exists

    Possibly.., it's the one in the mirror who makes it - . . . . .

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  9. Ouch! That hurts.
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  10. First call of the day.
    Gonna be exciting when the pros call a few.
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