Why Profitable Trading Is So Difficult

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoDoji, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. llIHeroic


    Get back to what topic? You didn't even ask a question. Telling someone they're wrong or lying just because you've decided you aren't capable or willing learn how to understand what 'chop' is, or even how to recognize it isn't going to get you anywhere.

    Perhaps you didn't get a response because your attitude gives the impression that any effort to teach you how the market works will likely be fruitless because you aren't humble enough to listen to anyone who knows. ammo, DB, NoDoji, and now myself have all voiced disagreement with your assessment.

    What are you looking for?
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  2. I think when you put the focus on trader X or Y "to make calls" you miss the point, not to mention that I don't think they will do it.

    Here's my (unasked for) take, information is being shared, for the people who are intrigued or find it useful, they can put in the work to understand and experiment with it and see if they can integrate it for there own use.

    There are a few traders who have gone to great lengths to post there take on how to trade.

    I assume these same traders trade for a living. Why would they want to be bothered with the distractions.

    For all of those that keep asking for tax returns, etc... I don't get that, because the only way for a wanna be trader to make this work is to do the work. Is it going to make me any money if I know for a fact that Trader A is profitable? No.

    But wait what about taking advice from someone who may not be profitable, that's why there is due diligence. Do the work, find out for yourself, see if it aligns with your way of thinking. If you think it's stupid to even waste your time with trying to learn something new if you don't know that the person sharing it is profitable then "move along nothing to see here", build your own strategy.

    I think the main thing is that if a wanna be trader is not willing to put in the effort to fully grasp what is being freely offered, why should more energy be wasted.

    None of this is being directed towards you hitchslap, so don't take offence.
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  3. wrbtrader


    I would have avoided that area like the plague because as you you noted in hindsight...choppy and range bound. The other issue as you noted, involves trying to see that consolidation crap price action develop in real-time.

    Rule of thumb, whenever I see price action struggling (going sideways) inside the range of any type of key market event (e.g. Durable Goods report & Consume Confidence report)...I develop enough FEAR to stay on the sidelines resulting in me ignoring all trade signals that appear within that consolidation crap until volume and/or volatility shows up.

    Yet, if someone has a trade method that exploits that sideways junk or has a strong psychological need to trade it...go for it.
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  4. Pigsky


    My opinion why profitable trading is so difficult is because everyone is trying to scratch out ticks as a scalper. It seems everyone is on tiny charts with 8 tick stops, thinking they are going to get rich that way.

    Anyone ever see a chart of TSLA??

    I simply do not buy into the Al brooks style and do not think it is a viable approach to trading. It all makes sense in hindsight of course, and that is why the wheel of gurus and followers keeps turning...

    As for live calls I do not think you will find any... because I do not think anyone is making any serious money in this type of approach. just my opinion and of course I could be wrong.
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  5. There nothing to discuss . She commented on how she trades. Many times she has given extremely detailed explanations of how she trades. If her theories are fantasy to you then don't use them. Be a trader , cut your losses, go read another thread.

    Besides, the trades themselves are not the point of this thread. Merely an example of how one can observe price action to make deductions that can be used to develop a trading plan .
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  6. wrbtrader


    I didn't see her mention Al Brooks in this thread and the charts she posted didn't contain any signatures of Al Brooks trading style (e.g. indicator called price moving averages, bar by bar highlights). Also, I do remember not too long ago in another thread of her saying she now has her own trading style and I do remember her recently recommending several different trading styles, books and such without mentioning Al Brooks.

    Simply, this approach you say you don't think anyone is making any money is her own style and not the style of someone you have an obvious bias against.

    Thus, yeah, you're most likely wrong.
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  7. ammo


    she trades cl which is a niche vehicle,or commodity i guess, ,never traded these vehicles that have a max up/downside and trade in a narrow range most days, cl has a lot of narrow ranges and then a 3 point move, couldn;t i assume, not day in and day out, so to do so you would have to learn to trade the 1 and 5 minute bars, in the late 80's , the spx had an avg 3 point range per day and traded in nickels, that was easier then than the cl is now, even then, didn't know anyone trading the bars, it's a niche, i think the grain and meat traders have to trade this way, more power to em if they can
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  8. Daring


    Time to not sugar coat it.

    In ET traders don't get killed by death of a thousand stops because as soon as they notice "the chop" they stop trading,.

    However, in ET, traders also don't miss big runs either. For instance, if they implement a rule where you will stop trading after 2 subsequent losses due to chop, you halt the trading, however, if the real trade is on the 3rd, they dont' miss it either because they know the chop has ended, and forget getting that 3rd loss or 4th, because when wrong they only lose twice (LMFAO)

    What can I say, only in ET, but hey, makes you happy to be gullible, be my guest, been around the block a very long time to differentiate fact from fiction.

    And no, I don't believe profitable trading, or even profitable daytrading is impossible, far from it, but I don't like it when turds are covered with creamy delicious chocolate syrup.

    For those living in lalaland now that you reached the pinnacle of greatness...

    May I suggest an end to world hunger? At least the kids, come on!
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  9. ammo


    you're pushing someone as a fake who isn't, that's why your getting the rebuttals,the quit after 2 losses and death by a thousand cuts are a few of the lessons common to most new traders trying to learn with small accts, been there,probably you also
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  10. Daring


    Fake is not the word I would use , more like, good but only tells half the truth...

    Either way, already shared my thoughts, time to stand aside, you can all continue hugging each other celebrating how simple profitable trading can be.
    #30     Jan 29, 2014
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