Why Profitable Trading Is So Difficult

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoDoji, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Thanks, ND. I was in that 10:51 trade with you , Sim though.

    (Scouts honor, 10:49 on the reversal bar & TL break. :) )
    #11     Jan 28, 2014
  2. Who's up for a CL chatroom?
    DB and his straight line crew have one (although I gather there are no realtime calls from DB)

    However, in this one, hopefully we can get pro's like NoDoji to make calls and we can all learn together.
    It takes 2 seconds to call your trade after you've placed it.
    Typically, somebody can get the same price as you even by the time you've written

    ''L 95.55'' in the chat window.

    Would make an exciting change from the usual restrospective stuff.

    I'd make calls. No shame here!
    #12     Jan 28, 2014
  3. Why is trading so difficult? Oh, so difficult indeed! But it can be done and it will be worth it! You R da GURU, NoDuhgee. Pay no mind to comments from the peanut gallery. The hapless fishes need you to keep spreading the gospel.

    While we're on the subject of difficult things, let me ask, Why is checkmating with a K + N + B versus a K so difficult?

    Or is it? Who says it's so difficult? Someone who doesn't really know how to do it, of course. No one who has been shown how to do it and practiced it over and over thinks it's difficult. Once you know how, it's nothing to crow about, it's just a part of a whole.

    All games aside, no one on a message board is showing anyone how to trade.

    If you want to learn to trade, find a trader in REAL LIFE and have that person show it to you and practice it over and over. A serious person will have you sit with him day after day and will most likely back up your losses with his money while you learn. You will either get it or find the game is not all that fun for you and move on.

    Learn to trade and make a few bucks. Or don't, and make a few bucks doing something else. Forgo the drama.
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  4. dbphoenix


    No one's stopping you. Let us know when you have it set up.
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  6. Daring


    I love your theories, "scratch when price got choppy", listen NoDoji, price particularly in indices is MOSTLY choppy, even before many good moves, yet somehow you miraculously suggest you can see it or in real time.

    If one was to follow your advice as stated, you would miss most good runs because the chop is in the DNA of price, especially in timeframes like the 1min and 5min chart.

    Time to get real, you speak a lot of fantasy, eventhough I know you mean well.
    #16     Jan 28, 2014
  7. ammo


    there is nothing complicated about market profile, there are 3 spots to watch for sup and res,cl hit that nip like a res and since it stopped and pulled back should find its way back to 96.67., the next s or r coming up in the direction it's traveling,it wont help you scalp the dimes and 20's but it should be on your radar as volume areas for intermediate s/r, it really is that simple , with a little practice
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  8. ammo


    there is a lot of info in that chop,take a book to explain it and you still wouldn't scratch the surface,helps if you have a s and r ouside of it and are waiting for it to reach one, this gives you an idea of the strength of the buyers,sellers and also let's you know when they are trying to get the lion's share by coming in just underneath or above, rather than just above or below to run stops, lets you know about unusual size at those s/r's
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  9. dbphoenix


    Just so there's no kerfuffle tomorrow morning, I should point out that I trade NQ, not CL, and have done so for years (those who've read my stuff know that). And I rarely trade past 1100. Nor do I engage in much "chat".
    #19     Jan 28, 2014
  10. Daring


    I understand where you are coming from, but let's reset back to the world of NoDoji, 1min/5min scalper which is the topic I was commenting on.
    #20     Jan 28, 2014
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