why "Prem" spread so high for YM vs. DJI cash...serious stuff..

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. why "Prem" spread so high for YM vs. DJI cash...serious stuff..it is about 3:44pm Tuesday 12/4/07 and the YM is down about -84 and the DJI (Dow Jones ) cash is down about -67...high "prem" spread...what is it telling you?...seriously wanting to understand this spread...thanks...
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    1. partly just price movement in minute by minute trading.
    2. partly anticipation(?) on cash dow and interest rate trading.
    3. ES movement - almost always dance together.

    Premium not written in stone. its just a rough guide - sometime.

    But, when,say, overnite YM prems/discounts cash heavily, ya better pay attention.
  3. thanks...where do you find overnight DJI cash values (24 hours)...I know about the YM...or are you just saying when the YM and DJI converge at the RTH open at 9:30am Eastern?..thanks again
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  5. Mate you are filling your head with stuff that can be understood later get trading and stop procrastinating matey