Why post if you are simply trying to 'stir the pot'?

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  1. ET could be a much better forum if people could just post in a constructive way and respect each other's opinions. I have no idea why someone would even bother spending time on a forum posting in numerous threads simply to berrate others in the thread. Why bother? I just don't get it. I guess I am too busy with life - perhaps the problem is a lack thereof for some - to post over and over some useless ramblings.

    For example, 123Magic is a real piece of work. Hasn't been here very long & appears the intent of his posts is to criticize and piss people off in a very unconstructive way.

    What's the point of doing that? Is your life that pathetic that you have to spend hours here with meaningless posts so you can feel better about yourself as a person and/or trader?

    I suppose when you fall flat on your face in trading, you need to do something to comfort yourself in your failure. Perhaps Baron just needs to start a 'Pity Party' forum for those that have nothing meaningful to contribute to visit. Maybe Baron can get a therapist to sponsor the forum.

    Sorry to vent here, but it seems just when it's actually ok to spend some time here, you get some jackass posting that brings nothing to the table. And then, I am reminded once again why this forum is not a preferred place to visit on my list.
  2. Why cant ET ban the IP numbers of the posters?. That would prevent them from making a new alias.

  3. Unfortunately, no, it wouldn't :eek:
  4. I won't bother to mention another traders user ID here because once that occurs...

    We fall into the same trap and such encourages further debates and arguments.

    Simply, if a post is directed at someone specifically...

    Best to take the complaints privately via sending it to Baron or moderators specifically in comparsion to posting it publicly...more constructive and more effective.

    I just feel that once we publicly complain about someone specificly that's known to be problematic...

    You know what's going to happen so why bother to travel down that road???

    Anyways, to address the general situation I too see here at ET about problematic members...

    Look at real life and you see the same situations where people are more disrespectful today than I can remember in my lifetime.

    Thus, ET is just a reflection of what's occuring today's society and the personal lives of traders.

    In addition, via trading with many traders in the past while getting to know them on a personal level...

    I do know that people like this tend to bring this attitude into their trading, social interactions with others.

    It eventually brings their trading to a sudden end and they go elsewhere.

    Thus, in many ways, what goes around comes around because the market knows how to slap back and she's a lot less tolerant of these types of traders.

  5. I do not believe that you are "too busy with life".
    Get one... and this thread never happens.
  6. Ummmm.... ok.

    I guess by that logic you need to find a life as well or else your post in this thread never happens.

  7. Wrong. Every time I disconnect and connect again to the internet I receive a new random IP address from my internet provider. Someone else receives my old IP address. So if you ban by IP, you will ban that poor innocent guy who happened to receive the IP address I used before.
  8. nitro


    This is exactly how it happens. Someone makes a smart ass response. You, not willing to be bullied by an ass, respond back in a smart aleck way. See?

    The right way is to respond only to constructive posts, and ignore the rest. If the poster starts stalking you, hit the ignore button.

    No other way, otherwise you become part of the problem and not the solution.

  9. You are right Nitro.

    I guess the male ego's on this board will not allow one to sit by...
  10. That is sound advice. And one day, I plan to take it. Soon, I hope.
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