Why Platinum hit a new high!!!

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    LONDON (AFX) - Platinum hit a new all-time high of 1,394 usd an ounce in Asia as speculation over the launch of an exchange-traded platinum fund continued to boost the metal. Gold tracked platinum higher but gains were capped in quiet trade.
  2. Good. My Vanguard Precious Metals fund had done very well the past two years.
  3. bling is getting very expensive.....damn....
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    Platinum has gone up because Romik said it would. Seriously--great call Romik!
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    thanks :)
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    Next is palladium. You have already missed buying the low tick, but at least it is showing some support. As with crude, you could put some on here and add on pullbacks if and when it breaks out. If it breaks though the lows fairly hard I would short any bounce


    That is why it went up..... need I say more? its still got much more room to go.