Why Pizza Hut Exists

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    I want to say that I like Pizza Hut pizza over many other chain pizzas and when I lived in rural area it was one of the better pizzas.

    However, I now live in a more suburban area and there is better pizza anywhere I can go. I can go even to places that I probably wouldn't otherwise go and get better pizza.

    Now, there is a pizza hut here which is to be honest: there pizza is worse then other pizza huts and is consistently bad. I can't believe Ive been to this place several times!!

    So, my question is why does pizza hut exist given that almost anyone apparently who knows how to make pizza can do a better job?
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    I was sitting in a Pizza Hut with a friend way back in the day, so I ask him "who eats this stuff?" and then the kid on the microphone is calling out names for customers to pick up and he says "Animal, Animal, your pizza is ready" and we sort of had a moment there, I never ate the stuff after that...
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    I refuse to eat Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc. Carboard with some fake cheese, no thanks.
  4. Pizza hut and dominos are really gross. (although I havent had the new dominos pizzas yet) I actually like the $5 cheese pizzas from little ceasars. They are suprisingly good. Round table is also good, but they are very greasy and expensive ($20+ for a medium!!) My absolute favorite is Papa murpheys. Sure you have to bake it yourself and a family size pizza is $15, but its the freshest pizza i've ever had.
  5. New Dominos is actually pretty decent, old Dominos was horrendous
  6. I'm partial to Chicago Stuffed Pizzas. Impossible to find on the east coast.
    I've shelled out a lot of dough to fed ex a few authentic pies for a fix.

    Giordano's just filed for bankruptcy. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/18/giordanos-pizza-famous-ch_n_825124.html A real shame, as they always made a quality pie.

    I do see the value for the low $ chains... Stoned & Broke College Kids.
    I'm sure there are many out there whose sustainance and physical make up are attributed to Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and even those $1 Frozen Totino's.
  7. I used to love pizza hut as a kid but i also liked ellios.
  8. The new Domino's Pizza is actually pretty good. At least they made a concerted effort to improve. I ate some Pizza Hut a few weeks ago and it's got to be THE worst on the market. They're only trying to compete with Domino's by lowering prices but they're product is horrible.

    IMO, DiGiorno frozen pizza is better than both and cheaper. Pretty good deal.
  9. Is it DiGiorno or is it delivery? :D
  10. What we really need is a healthy whole wheat crust :(

    then melt on top half inch thick of cheese, beef, sausage, peperroni and every other meat product known to mankind :D
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