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  1. Why people talking negative about the Jews are disappearing from ET?
    Why we can talk only good about them, but we can criticize every one else?
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    Perhaps because they're one dimensional?
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  4. Yep… now we know who destroyed the World Trade Center…
  5. Well, let's see:
    In yuor 59 some odd posts here, I counted a few in Economics, only ONE on anything to do with actually trading, and all the rest on various religuos and social "issues."

    Why don't yuo trolls who have nothing to do with trading go hang out somewhere else?
  6. I know that Jewzilla is going to get me…
  7. They are disappearing because Baron is a Jew and he is supplying the Mossad with the URL's of people on ET critical of the Jews.

    So you better stop being critical of the Jews or the US arm of Mossad, Blackwater, will come and get you. You will disappear to Guantanamo Bay for waterboarding and other torture, but at least you will be free to throw your faeces at the guards.

    So you better tone it down. TorontoTrader2 is already on the List and being tracked down even as we speak...

  8. Are you saying that Baron is the all Seeing Eye?
    Tail him that I have every thing else, we can teem up…
  9. Seriously though, why don't you get the fuck out of here and go to stormfront.com That's where you belong, you can read and post all that antisemitic crap and more over there, you'll be well-liked, well-regarded and appreciated, you'll be among friends and like-minded people, you'll even start thinking that the entire world feels like you about the jews. You'll be one happy little antisemite over there.

    Why stick around here where you're universally despised, where your message is not catching on, people call you names, spit in your face, ridicule you, insult you. Sweetie, you're not welcome here, can't you get the hint?
  10. I messed up the replay to your Zilla joke ,
    I wanted to write (Yep… now we know what destroyed the World Trade Center…)
    I am sorry
    Bow to East
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