why people with radical opinions should be heard

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  1. for every christopher columbus type person, there may be 99 like him with beliefs that really are false. but if you stop these type of people from thinking outside the box, you may lose the 1 who really is on to something.

    this is why i hate censorship and i don't like people who are not tolerant of others. yes, people with radical opinions may be wrong, but if you stop that TYPE OF THINKING, you lose the good ideas, too.

    this is obvious in civilization. look why america and similar countries flourish. new ideas and free speech are (supposed to be) welcome and encouraged. maybe in iraq 700 years ago, they'd kill you if you said the earth revolved around the sun or the koran is BS. societies that don't tolerate new ideas and unpopular opinions don't advance too good.
  2. Wow, gekkmeister! I think you might really be onto something here, dude! You know what? I reckon some country should write these ideas into its constitution!
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    What did Christopher Columbus do?
  4. do you think the people of iraq have a better government now or before what bush did? just curious...
  5. i know there is controversy about columbus. i just meant, people who thought the earth was not flat when most people thought it was.

    in 2003, there are still things the majority are wrong about.
  6. gekko,

    do you consider yourself one of the "radicals"

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    :D :D :D :D :D and here I was thinking my view was radical :D :D
  8. "Some people can read 'War and Peace' and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe." ---Lex Luther (Superman the movie).

    Too each his own, everyone sees the world differently.

  9. " Some people see the world through rose colored lenses, some people Like Gordon, can't see anything because they have balls laying on their eyes".....Tm_Direct ( TM The movie)

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  10. Line of the year from him had to be that both Hitler and the jews are both in the same place right now. ROTFLMAO
    Imagine the conversation.
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