Why people of Madagascar and Turkmenistan still alive?

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  1. DT-waw


    Both countries below 1% jabbed population. According to mainstream "science" these countries should be now almost ALL DEAD. Remember, we are 1.5 years into the worst pandemic ever!

    How about North Korea?
  2. wrbtrader


    Border closures and very tough for migrant workers to enter the countries without check.

    Same with some of the far north Inuit communities in Canada...very remote and tough to enter their villages without check. Unfortunately, these places have very little medical help if Covid were to break into their community.

    Also, I suspect they shoot and then burn those infected before it can spread in their community (sarcasm).

    Zombie Healthcare Policy

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  3. d08


    How do you know how many are dead? Do you actually trust their record keeping? Officially China's death count for the past month is 1. Yes, 1 person out of 1.4 billion.
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  4. cesfx


    But if we trusted data from China (or their zero covid approach) a year and half ago, we probably wouldn't be in this huge mess in the west now.

    I don't trust China, but do I trust the west? No way

    A bit like the guy on your profile picture... I wouldn't trust him with taking my rubbish out, whatever it takes.
  5. d08


    Having lived in developing countries and seeing how things work, yes, in comparison I absolutely trust western countries when it comes to statistics.
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  6. BriMi


    Madagascar has always had issues with healthcare. And I don't know anyone who wants to go there as a tourist. So, there is no surprise Covid doesn't spread there as fast as in the USA.
  7. d08


    People of Madagascar still travel outside, even if it is just to continental Africa where Covid is raging.
  8. wrbtrader


    Bingo...you said Madagascar has always had issues with healthcare.

    Madagascar is a popular destination for undergrads to do internships prior to entry into Medical School from the United States, Canada, and France. They go there and provide medical care because it looks very good on your medical resume especially for those that want to work for a hospital in a poor community back in their home country...
    • Plus they care greatly for the people.
    Some will return again to provide medical care just prior to their medical residency. It's not uncommon for missionary medical students / doctors to make it their home in Madagascar for a few years.

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    are you this stupid in real life or do you just play the dolt on the internet?
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    Hey, you had geography is HS, right? Madagascar is an island.
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