Why people around me...?

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  1. I don't understand why people around me thinks trading is nonsense, a career with no future kind of thing, people around me means my family members, in-laws...

    And also recent incident of one of my kids fall down from chair, they blamed on me not looking after him, spent most of my time on staring at my computer screens, during market hours...

    Though i told them i need to focus, concentrate on the market from 9:30 to 4, they still very unhappy about why i spent so much time on the market...

    It just so frustrating that no one understands :mad:

    Spent 9am to 6pm doing day job, 930pm to 2am(midnight) doing trading, sometimes to 4am, it is already tiring for me, yet i'm facing this batch of people who treats me like alien
  2. Yeah, I know it's tough.

    Keep going and remember your focus ... when the going gets too tough, think about the alternatives.
  3. Ignorant as they may be, they are right. Very few succeed at making a fortune from the market.

    Best advice: leave you fantasy NOW and get real.
    Completely forget trading. Drop it!
  4. mickson


    I seriously feel for you, but I think what you are doing is unsustainable. Why don't you make your trading more long term in nature so that you can lead a more balanced lifestyle.

    Balance is what is key here.

    Good luck!!
  5. try swing trading, or holding for longer term. then you will have more time for your family. however, your not trying to save the whales here, day trading can take up a good portion of your day, especially if your just starting out and trying to find your edge.

    there are people who can trade and work and not have to worry about other responsibilities. But it sounds like you have a family to attend to.

    Keep working, swing trade. When you are profitable consistently and can support your life style through trading only, then you can leave your day job, trade and still have time for your family.

    Although every one wants to make a fortune trading, its not the be all end all. You can however, make a very decent living ($100,000 net plus a year is what I consider decent, and pretty common with traders) and still have time for your family.

    whatever you decide, I wish you the best.
  6. maybe you should adhere to your own wisdome
  7. Read the above to yourself again and I think that you will find the real answer to your question. They might not hate trading - they hate what it is doing to you. There shouldn't be something that causes you to refer to your family in that manner. Even if my trading software somehow magically took a wrong trade that was bleeding 10% of my account, if I thought that a family member in my house was hurt, that person would get attention before the trade.

    Try taking a different approach to trading that does not take as much of a toll on your schedule. Swing trading perhaps, or systematic trading where your trades are determined before the market opens (I pretty much know exactly what I am going to do before the market opens. Any adjustments are made automatically by my system). An approach like this will make it so that you don't have to shut off the world during your trading hours.

    People respond to results, not just the potential for results. It is natural for your family to not like trading given your condition. In fact, I think they are just being normal.

    If you want a useful lesson in proper valuation, trading is just money - don't give it precedent over your family.
  8. I have tried swing trading for 3 years before, but the thing is that to leave the stock overnight sometimes can be good, sometimes can be bad, something i cannot control.

    I have tried intraday trading, it seems i'm getting consistent profits for 6 months. But intraday need focus always, 1 slip of mind, that's it.

    And regarding the falling of the child, maybe i did not say clearly enough: after the kid fell, of course i did go and attend to him. What they blame me is why i never stay there with the kid before he falls, so that prevent him from falling?

    Anyway u r right, i intend to bring my account to 100k before i quit my job, so on the way there, it's tough going, like mountain climbing. ok, 100k may not be enough, but i'll still try and see...
  9. Innovest, I am glad to see that you have a good persepective on things. I did not mean to misjudge you, or judge you for that matter period.. I just wanted to get across that idea because all too often, I know that people get their priorities thrown off.

    As for your view on swing trading vs intraday trading, I fully agree with you. If intraday is where you prosper, than go for it.

    Like I said before, people tend to react to results. If your family sees you spending a lot of time on trading, but don't see a lot of results, they may misconstrue the nature of your pursuits. What it pretty much comes down to is that people think that if you are spending a lot of time on trading, you should be making a lot of money. Just remember that a benefit of money tends to be being able to spend more time with friends and family, and do more enjoyable activities together.

    With that being said, just because you have not yet made huge sums of cash (which hopefully you will in the near future), it does not mean that you cannot give the benefits of such success (more family time and such). This may seem difficult given the frantic pace of the world, but try taking an hour or two out of your week to just hang with the kids or wife, or something along those lines and do something that you did not do before trading.

    With some luck, they may correlate this new found attention to your new found endeavor (even if the correlation is just a little), and not mind trading as much.

    I wish you all the best.
  10. Thanks naifwonder for your reply. Actually only my wife knows that I'm earning from trading, which is why she's quite supportive, the rest they just know that I'm trading, but somehow skeptical that I'll earn from stocks. My dad trades asia stocks, and he loses the hell lot from the recent downturn of stock market (I'm residing in Asia but trade US market), which makes him think I will not last.

    Normal days and weekend i did spent with my family, just that u know, i eat, sleep, shit with trading, till my wife complains that i'm boring, talking about trading all the time.

    Good advice you have given, I'll try to adjust and pull thru whatever suffering i'm going thru... thanks again
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