why pay anything?

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  1. I am testing out some DT strategies (I know the sky is falling) and I have the following setup:
    1) Prophet.net real time quote feed - free
    2) Medved QT - free (w some ads)
    3) WLD 3.0 (optional but not free) needs QT 'bridge dll' adapter

    I had CCI and some other strategies from woddies CCI room as well as other DT 'systems' to check out in wealth-script.
    (I do not even use WLD most of the time recently).

    So my point is why pay anything (short of paying the very small fee for medved to make the thing go faster and no see the ads...)
    as long as I am testing I pay squat, once maybe I trade a little for dollars, I will pay something but it will never be as much as some of you on ET.
    Trading is a biz and overhead can kill any biz . no matter how good of a trader you may be.
    So here is the setup for the money conscious and smart.
  2. If you're not trading real dollars, then you're not "in a biz", you're just mentally masturbating.

    It's been said time and again on this board - if a few hundred bucks for software/datafeed/etc. is going "kill your biz", then your trading biz is doomed from the start.

    Good luck.
  3. thanks archangel for that comment. thats the funniest and the most truthful thing ive read all day.
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    Are you sure Prophet.net quotes are not delayed? The QT site says it's a subscription service.
  5. When you're starting out, it's better to masturbate until you know what a child cost.
    And then decide what your risk are.
    Otherwise you have no chance at life, and nether does the child.
  6. It is obvious that AA is a vendor of some service....do offense but I can be a researcher and consultant and be in biz. or I can trade eod based stuff and cut my cost too. I do not hold the fact that I suspect you are with 3rd millennium trading against you - right? but do not distort what I am saying. Fact is many small traders get wiped out of buying crap they do not need or do not know how to use while the sellers of picks end shovels are getting rich, it is the same as gold minding a 150 years before.
  7. It is real time perhaps a little aged 1 sec but if you do not scalp it is ok (unless you are dumb enough to use mkt orders.)

  8. I won't argue with that but I have to say that I enjoy cutting costs whenever possible as long as quality is not affected and it tickles me that I'm paying almost nothing for data and charts and I am fully satisfied that my information is accurate enough for my purposes.
  9. Real time quote at profit.net are not free.
    Perhaps you are using their limited time service of what 30 days?
    When that time is up, there will be a fee.
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    I have worked on cars with some cheap tools, and with some superb ones. Guess what? The work goes better with the superb tools. Go figure.

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