Why Paul Tudor Jones Fears a ‘Revolution’

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    More likely a civil war with one side of those who hate the US, Socialists, Communists, Islamists who want to destroy it within so that, they can take power versus those who love the US, the Nationalists, American Patriots who realize that freedom does not come free! That the freedoms we have arose from the bloods of American Patriots who died to protect our way of life! Nationalism is not a dirty word by the way! Only the extreme liberals hate it! Take note the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Polish, Koreans (South and North) love their countries. Does the extreme liberals condemn them? Of course not, it is a debate that cannot be won! Majority of the US citizens love the USA! However, we have extreme liberals like the Socialists, Communists and Islamists among us hate the USA while, continuing to sponge of US taxpayers and live like kings and queens! Those the US can live without! We do not need those worthless leeches!
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    Guys on II bit late (?)

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  3. as PTJ would regularly send his goons into the pits in an attempt to further panic a falling market or to recklessly bid a rising market I don't think being a SJW was on his mind. I wound up with maybe 10s of millions of his money so it worked for me... Perhaps his hypocritical nature finally has reached a new high... I dunno.
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    Well, there are times to be a SJW (e.g. when you are trying to change the world for the better) and there are times to not be one (e.g. when you are trying to rip off a bunch of assholes on the floor).

    oh, please do tell - did you buy a yacht and marry a super-model?
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    Wrong, nationalists are not against global trade. They just understand that people are divided into nations with their own cultures and customs and therefore they are for protecting national identity and national sovereignty. Like living in your own house does not mean you don't talk to your neighbors. There is nothing wrong about that.
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  6. land of keyboard warriors
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  7. Why? Are they having an identity crisis?
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  8. identity is funny. It wasn't that OJ was innocent, we all knew he killed his wife. It is the priority identity puts on it the fact that white people obsessed on one back guy getting away with a crime once when the reverse was true a million times more. nationalist identity has poor sight of whats proportional.
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  10. Tucker Carlson: We Are Ruled By Mercenaries Who Feel No Long-Term Obligation To The People They Rule

    Carlson/AOC 2028
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