Why Paris is burning

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  1. The posted Yahoo news story:


    These scenes are not from the West Bank but from 20 French cities, mostly close to Paris, that have been plunged into a European version of the intifada that at the time of writing appears beyond control.

    In only the third paragraph of the story West Bank and Intifada are mentioned. How could that happen? Someone is going to pay for this

    With cries of "God is great," bands of youths armed with whatever they could get hold of went on a rampage and forced the police to flee.

    I have heard those cries before...let me see...

    The radicals have managed to chase away French shopkeepers selling alcohol and pork products, forced "places of sin," such as dancing halls, cinemas and theaters, to close down, and seized control of much of the local administration.

    Radicals? Man if they could only move in next door to Moore and Streisand in Hollywood the world would be a better place.

    "All we demand is to be left alone," said Mouloud Dahmani, one of the local "emirs" engaged in negotiations to persuade the French to withdraw the police and allow a committee of sheiks, mostly from the Muslim Brotherhood, to negotiate an end to the hostilities.

    We are the Muslim Brotherhood. We make our own rules and are accountable to no one.

    Within hours, the original cause of the incidents was forgotten and the issue jelled around a demand by the representatives of the rioters that the French police leave the "occupied territories."

    Occupied territories? Did David Copperfield pull a fast magic trick here?

    But who lives in the affected areas? In Clichy itself, more than 80 percent of the inhabitants are Muslim immigrants or their children, mostly from Arab and black Africa.

    A big shout out to WAEL for being the pillar of truth that the above news story is pure fiction and that true cause of the riots was caused by the Christians

    Quote from WAEL012000:

    What the hell are you talking about! The riots did not start on religious divide but rather on class one.
    Many of the rioters are From central Africa who happened to be Christians!
    It is the ghetto mentality that started this riot as it was the ghetto mentality that started the LA and Detroit riots.
  2. TGregg


    A handicapped woman was doused with petrol and set on fire by youths during another night of rioting in Paris.

    The 56-year-old suffered third degree burns to 20% of her body in the attack.

    Witnesses said a youth poured petrol over the woman and then threw a Molotov cocktail on to the bus she was travelling on in the suburb of Sevran.

    Other passengers were able to flee but she was unable to escape because of her disabilities.

  3. One small difference though,

    - these rioters in france have the freedom to travel
    - their homes are not demolished
    - their farms are not confiscated to build new swimming pools for inbred Polish guys like you
    - they did not lose tens of thousands of dead since 1987
    - they are not locked in enclaves that are surrounded with huge walls
    - they did not live through the dumping of 2 tons bombs on their most crowded neighborhoods
    - they did not have their children shot and killed by bored sharp shooters while playing soccer or coming from schools
    - Their children were not used as human shields on top of french military jeeps AND
    - their women did not abort their children at french check points

    So as far as I am concerned the French authority should kick their asses!!
  4. They want to move to your countries, suck on the teat of your social services but be left alone.

    WHAT THE FUCK????????

    The police should just be shooting people and nothing less.
  5. I won't go as far as shooting people, I would really get tough though. And belive it or not, start deporting, en mass, all of the illegal aliens!
  6. palestinians and other arab countries did not have any of these problems either when they invaded Israel multiple times trying to wipe it off the map. So as far as I am concerned Israel did the right thing when it kicked their asses, just like you suggest the French authorities should.
  7. ddd, Palestinians invaded israel?? Hahahaha, when did Palestinians invade israel?

    Last I looked, you came in, we welcomed you because we felt sorry for your sorry asses, you turned around and committed 55 massacres, petrified my father to flee Jaffa, wiped of 450 towns and villages off the face of the earth and brought in Russian Prostitutes to start the seed of your society!!
  8. You are talking exactly like a French citizen!!!

    petrified my father to flee Jaffa, wiped of 450 towns and villages off the face of the earth and brought in Russian Prostitutes to start the seed of your society!! [/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the clarification - that your dad voluntaringly left so that the invading Arab armies could push the "Jews into the Sea."
  9. The refusal of Arab countries to recognize the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 has been a source of repeated wars and other conflicts with Arab nations such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

    1948 Arab-Israeli War "The Independence War"
    1956 Suez War
    1967 Six Day War
    1970 War of Attrition
    1973 Yom Kippur War


  10. I disagree strongly...they should not use any force what so ever...I believe they should be talking to the rioters, find out why they are angry and burning buses and people, ...we need to be sympathetic to these people and I think i speak for all of America when I say we are against the use of any force to stop these riots....The UN should be called in to handle this situation, not the French Police
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