Why Old Traders Are So Strange

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    I take articles like that very seriously. Another possible problem is using deoderant with aluminum in it. Another potential problem is the flouride that is added to our water.

    I don't know if these things are myths or not, but I would not be surprised to learn that they are in fact very harmful over the course of someones life.

  2. I got cellphones when they first came out. I had them for five or six years and I haven't had one for about ten years. I call a life without a watch and a cellphone, freedom. People think I am strange for not being wireless, but just what are the effects of cellphones? Would I be stranger in the long run if I kept them? Personally, I consider it very very strange for a man to be standing in front of the toliet paper in the grocery store, talking into a strange little device about which toliet paper to buy.
  3. I think exposure to heavy metals should be accepted as a "forgivable excuse" for ANY of our aberrant behaviors..
  4. Duref Mudgins, go play with your fear.
  5. I my case, I am sure that my rapid recent deterioration is due to eating too much pussy. No telling what's in that.
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    That's very excusable - actually it's quite commendable.
    Carry on! :D
  7. ROFL
  8. I suspect my practice of alchemy should include more precautions.

    I'd rather not go like Newton.
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