Why oil prices are going to hit $200 per barrel this year

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  1. Here is a picture of a freeway in China taken 2 weeks ago. Need I say more?

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    picture from Persian Gulf taken less than 2 weeks ago :p
  3. I'd like to see oil hit $500/bbl. Maybe THEN we'll get our heads our of our butts (while telling oil lobbyists to "KISS OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES").. and develop natural gas as a transportation fuel... of which we have a 100-300 year supply at the equivalent of $30/bbl oil.

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    Everyone hoping and wishing for the developing of natural gas as a transportation fuel is going to have to keep wishing, the only way to get that to happen is for oil to triple from here, for gas prices at the pump to be $10 a gallon, thats the only way, until then people are going to care less, as long as they can put gas in there car around $3.50 a gallon they are comfortable.
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    As for $200 oil, can it happen sure it can, it can happen pretty quick, however its not sustainable, not in this country as weak as it is already with BUBBLE ben bernanke propping it up with worthless dollars, $200 oil would put this economy into an even deeper recession....you think inflation is out of hand now, $200 oil would knock gdp down to under 1% and create prices at the pump that would keep plenty of people from going any further than the local supermarket to pick up milk and bread.
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    We (USA) will continue to buy and use foreign oil while keeping our resources (oil and Nat Gas) fairly untouched until the world is out of oil. Of course, we buy the oil in US Dollars, so we will default on that too (oil producers repatriate USD to US Bonds) thus we fuck the foreign oil Countries and we keep our energy for the future intact (Nat Gas).

    It's the master plan to keep the USA intact for another 200 years.
  7. not sustainable.........

    nice long trade tho, be sure to post up the trigger pull.

    i miss the dot.com bubble.

    nothing left to short, that is running on fumes.....:)


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    865 billion dollar oil deals between china and iran just a few years before 9/11 was in anticipation of their growth - and rapidly growing energy needs. China is last large country in the world not co-dependent on the worlds central banking scam system - new drums sounding for war in iran is all about central bankers "check mate" moves planned to block china from direct access to iran oil.

    We are on the edge of WWIII if china decides to go for it after any iran campaign cuts off their oil deals - china will look like cowards if they do not retaliate. $200 a barrel will be in the mix if this insane war kicks off - good bye American economy as we know it and get ready for even more police state expansion.
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    Unreal! And I thought I was ticked off trying to navigate the Florida I-4 Corridor recently.:confused: :(
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    i hope that this is the plan. but i'm not sure about it..cause most of plans that coming out of DC make no sense whatsoever.. take this ethanol s**t for example..
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