Why Oil is going to $90...

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  1. The bigger picture folks is this.

    Everything will be done to bring Oil down to $90 mark my words.

    Why ?

    Because Iran is going to get bombed.

    Clock is ticking and the administration and israel will have to bomb the nuclear plants in Iran !

    This couldn't have been done when oil was at mid 100s because the gap up in crude prices would have completely killed the economy.

    But once we are at below 100 levels.. even if crude goes up 20 - 30 dollars.. its still bareable!

    Thats the bigger picture folks..!

    Every dollar oil comes down.. the sheiks in Iran are getting more and more worried!
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  3. I think you are on to something but you havent quite put all the pieces together yet
  4. If oil goes to $90, my neighbor will start driving his own truck again and stop pestering me to use mine.
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    Can we assume that this is a grand plan by the Rothschilds to put the Tri-Lateralists back in charge?
  6. Reptilians are starting to complain.
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    Iran sucks big ol' camel dongs. They'll cave in quickly. I'd love to hit the beach there, and get some!

    Moral of the story: Iran wants to be a bully, but will never be as the US Marine Corps will make them cry to their mommies!

    That is if if McCain makes it into office as he should!

    I'd love to be the one who squeezes the trigger on that monkey fu*k looking "president" they have. I'd even look down my scope to watch him fall as my round hits him in the chest. Ooh rah!!!!

    BUT, if we get Obama, we'll be talking instead of killing , which is going to bring the U.S. to it's knees. The shitbags know this, and would love to come to the US to take OUR rights away. Not mine! I have several M-60 A2 and A3 Machine guns with the bad guys names on it!!!!!!!!!!! (do any of you really believe the US military is going to protect you????? LOL!!! If so, you're smoking crack!!!!!!!)

    The moral of the story: the US is the greatest Country on Earth. However, if you fuck us, we'll fuck you back with out kissing you dirty bastards first.

    Ooh rah!!!!!
  8. Were you involved in any way with those fellows who murdered a girl's family, then took turns raping her, killed her and tried to burn her corpse? It was in the news not long ago, over in the sand box. Oorah indeed, chief.
  9. That guy's probably some snaggle-toothed redneck from the backhills of West Virginia that's never been out of state let alone the country.

    He's just been watching Full Metal Jacket too many times.
  10. Look for bombing dates to be either Nov 27 or Dec 27 2008.

    Both dates are after the election yet still under Bush.

    These dates are new moons under total darkness.

    If Obama wins mor likely to happen.
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