Why Obama Can't Support A Real Jobs Program

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  1. President Obama’s much-anticipated jobs speech will undoubtedly cover more of the same things that already haven’t not worked. He will propose an infrastructure bank, extension of unemployment and food stamps, promotion of green jobs, more government-corporate partnerships, and a one-year extension of the payroll tax reduction. He’ll advocate a second stimulus. He may be flanked by his jobs commission, headed by the CEO of General Electric, which earlier issued a lame interim jobs report.

    His speech will not be about jobs. Instead, it will be a campaign speech in disguise.

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    good article.
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    Why should Obama change his MO? He's the President. He knows better than we do.

    You and I don't have advisors to listen to and then ignore. We don't have the experience of a community organizer who knows how to steal from corporations and business men. And, most importantly, we didn't win the election, he did.

    So, more calls for stimulus, create the "stimulus bank" for handing out tax dollars to those who don't deserve it. And more of the bottom-up economics theory that Obama made up himself.

    Of course none of this will get past the House because they realize it is just more of the same and the only thing it will do is line the pockets of democrat operatives and put the country deeper in debt.

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    Agree, his own constituency won't allow him to enact any centrist policies. His "plan" will be increased welfare, more stimulus and he will incite class warfare as no president before him has ever done. He is going to call for higher income taxes, higher capital gains taxes, higher inheritance taxes. Meanwhile many liberal states are screaming for higher property taxes. I don't see how all these increased taxes could create a single job. We'll be lucky to avoid a global depression.

    Barrack Obama is already a lame-duck. His last year in office is going to be about enriching his friends and punishing his enemies.
  5. One thing you can always count on from liberals is some scheme to give them control over other people's money. Take this "infrastructure bank" idea. It's just a convoluted way of getting control over serious money, which can then be handed out to obama's supporters in ways that congress would never have approved. As odious as earmarks are, they are far better than handing over billions of dollars to obama and a bunch of far left activists.

    If obama really wanted to create a lot of good-paying jobs, he would open alaska for drilling and clear up the logjam of permits for the gulf of mexico. He would instruct the EPA to drop its idiotic greenhouse gas jihad against america. He might even try to stop illegal immigration and deport a few million people taking jobs from his own supporters.
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    That's just it, he doesn't want to. He only spews useless rhetoric claiming he does for those gullible sheeple still naive enough to believe anything he says.
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    Whooaaah! Them's fightin' words to Democrats. You're going to get the ET liberals all riled up again.

    Go for it! :D
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    Remember when Bubba and Algore were running? "Highway/bridge to the 21st century"

    They should just announce they are going to pay people to dig holes and then fill them in. Same result. People paid to produce nothing.
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    Well, the jobs Obama demands have to be union jobs, and the proposal Obama puts forth will surely be designed to screw over the Southern "right to work" states.

    The stimulus package was designed as a bribe / payoff to organized unions: teachers unions, public employee unions, construction and trade unions. There was, in fact, no truly free market stimulus recipients. And since small business - typically the entities that are completely left out of major government projects employ most Americans - well, the outcome was a foregone conclusion in terms of how incredibly ineffective the stimulus package truly was. Spending $280K to create one temporary job is, of course, madness.

    1. The best illustration is the NLRB's gestapo tactics regarding Boeing's plant expansion in South Carolina.

    2. Note the amount of visits logged by Trumpka and the SEIU to the White House.