Why Obama = 1 term president...

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  1. He doesn't embrace economic physics, and will likely be blamed.


    "Thus, as others before him have, President Obama is tackling the economy like a war, or a natural disaster, where a few decisions here and some strokes of the pen there should fix the problem in due time. Like an attack, it’s about action, not inaction. It’s about listening to the top advisers (usually from academia) and doing what they think is best.

    But here’s the rub:

    The economy is more akin to physics than it is to philosophy. Economics and the economy is subject to her own laws, which supersede the reach of man. A philosophy of economics might be capitalism, socialism, etc. However, economic laws still trump. Laws that if violated, produce consequence…action and reaction…sooner or later."
  2. How do you know this ? You know the President of the United States, like everyone else could have done mistakes in the past... however he knows or will know the PEACE concept...

    So don't judge a Man by his word but by his actions... ( you know the tree and the fruit story... ). And do remember that the peace concept is valid for everyone...

    Furthermore we are lucky to be a the front row to watch his action !
  3. If the economy was a boat and Obama was the skipper and the boat got a big hold in its bottom, he'd paint it.
  4. My thinking before the election was that whoever won McCain or Obama, there was a decent chance of the president being a one term president. Two messy wars an even worse economic and employement situation, runaway deficit spending, it would be tough for anyone to suceed.
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    I don't think anyone knows a leaders real agenda until they see them taking action by themselves.

    Politics is complex in itself as well you know and it has its own rules. I wouldn't be surprised if someone from the Fed for instance was manipulating him instead of letting him actually carry out his own agenda.
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    His only chance at getting reelected is for the economy to pick up no later than a year from now.
  7. After whacking saddam in Kuwait. Would you have ever imagined 41 as one term President?

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    Why Obama = 1 term president...

    I wouldn't count on this. The voters in this country are really dumb/narrow minded. Democrats and Republicans.
  9. Never ask the skipper if the boat is good... only watch the rats... they will never lie to you... ( ohh and if you see none... it's because they already left :D )

    The moment he will clearly understand what it means to be the Commander in Chief of the US Army, you will know, how he is maid of...

    Becoming the President of the United States of America, with the only objective to become reelected is so lame... please. Only a puppet could have this objective.
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    If Obama convinces the electorate that the economy has improved, then he could very well gain a second term. Most Americans are primarily concerned with their bank accounts.
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