why not "usefull links" on this site?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flyingdutch, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. I guess you all have a number of sites in your favorites list which you warch more or less frequently. Stock advice, news, training, books, etc.etc. I know there is a "resources" forum , but wading through a forum is not the most efficient way to find usefull links. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a main tab "usefull links" on this site? categorized by

    -stock picking
    -trading strategies
    -technical analysis
    -hardware vendors
    -platforms etc.


    I'm not asking you to post your list of favorite sites . (Although if you wish, feel free to do so). If there is enough interest, I could contact the moderator of this site, to create such a main topic, and you all good start posting your favorite links. Thanks in advance for your ideas suggestions..


    PS: I know that there are a couple of sites that function like this (library of usefull links), but hey, aren't we on THE trading site here? :)