Why not share your winning strategy?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by capamando, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I have been spending several hours everyday reading everything related to Forex trading and one thing that puzzles me is this secrecy concerning people's winning strategies. What is the problem with sharing and helping other people out? I am just starting in Forex and would appreciate someone sharing a basic system of trading that can generate 20-30 pips a week. I guarantee you that if I was successful at it, I would not hesitate to share it. Now, wait a minute, I realized that one can not exactly duplicate anyone's results. And it is for this reason and the fact that we are talking about a gazillion$$$ market with millions and millions of traders that I don't understand the reluctance to share a successful systems. I do want to thank all of you that take the time to inform and educate the members of this forum. Especially a knucklehead newbie like me.

  2. Why not ? here is a hint : because the "winning strategy" is often the result of years of hard work. Try it. And if you come up with a "winning strategy" my guess is that you may change your mind on sharing it. Good luck.
  3. He's got a point about forex, you don't need to be concerened about someone taking your shares as in stocks.
  4. There are many traders here among the elite...That want to trade OPM.

    If you make it public, then a HF will not hire you...unless you have the degree.


    a street wise trader can bring his track record to the table and get hired...I see this more and more as I have heard last year was a terrible year for the quants and anal lysts in currencies at the major trading desks.

    Michael B.
  5. Also...I have a bigger penis with my secret system...and people listen to me...They hang on my every word...heck I will be in market wizards someday :)

    It's the liars that sicken me....to what gain they will achieve other than fraud...

    Michael B.
  6. Well Sir,

    I can understand your attitude. No, I don't think that I would do the same since I don't do it with other endeavors including those where they benefits someone else monetarily directly or indirectly. Besides, in Forex trading how can that hurt you unless you have valid reasons such as the one mentioned by ElectricSavant? Go ahead take your winning secrets with you to grave. Maybe if there is such a thing as reincarnation, you can use them again.
  7. Ann has a winning strategy. She can
    1. Trade it herself
    2. Sell it to others for money
    3. Give it away for free, i.e. "share" it
    4. Throw it away, discard it, forget about it
    What course of action do you recommend for Ann, and why?
  8. Capamando, please do yourself a favor and move on. Stop crying because they don't want to share the winning secrets... Like I wrote in my first post, there is no winning secrets. It's only plain hard painfull work. You don't want do it, that's fine. Trading is like any other job, you gotta work and then you get paid. Why would you think trading should be different?

    Wellcome to the evil pitiless trading world.:D
  9. it's like this...

    lets say an experienced trader shares something he found...a newbie could not trade it the same...

    The Holy Grail is to discover how YOU want to trade...Now that can be long and painless or short and sweet...but you must discover..

    The better traders have taken the long and painless route...

    Read Jesse Livermores book,"Reminiscence of a Stock Operator"

    Michael B.
  10. Why in the world would I just give away what has taken me over 6 years of my life (full time effort) and literally tens of thousands of dollars invested to develop.

    What you ask is ridiculous. There is a basis rule of success in this life and that is...

    In order to get what you want, you first must figure out how to help others get what they want.

    This axiom works incredibly well in almost any endeaver. I invite you to shift your thinking along these lines.
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