Why not Romney?

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  1. Why did they push for McCain. I would have voted for Romney but not Someone like McCain and especially with palin as VP.
  2. Because McCain is an Idiot just like Palin and Idiots stick together
  3. Romney is the best candidate the Republicans have now,but they will never give him the nomination
  4. Why not. He would be great.
  5. I agree,problem is

    Romney is a Mormon

    Romney was once pro choice

    As Governor Romney started a health plan similar to the one Obama is trying to start now

    Romney is for gun control

    When has a Republican like this ever gotten the Republican nomination ?The religious right and gun nuts will never allow it,they will nominate Palin or Hukabee first and they have no chance of beating Obama
  6. Dumbass voters didn't like the fact that he is a Mormon. Sheesh!
  7. That makes no sense, so they would rather a black guy called obama win?
  8. Well, you know religion. Only that and politics makes people go all "shit for brains".
  9. different set of voters

    the voters that wont vote for a Mormon are part of the hard core republican religious right,they didn't vote for Obama either
  10. I agree but by doing this they guaranteed a worse outcome.

    A Mormon president republican president would always be a better outcome than obama for the hard core. By voting against him and voting for McCain/Palin they voted by proxy for Obama.
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