Why not reinstate Saddam if he will be our ally?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Say Saddam decided to become our ally.

    Say he cuts a deal with Bush.

    Why not?

    Didn't Germany and Japan become good allies after we beat them?

    Why not Iraq?

    I think bottom line for Saddam is/was just having power and business, let's cut a deal.
  2. Pekelo


    Because that would be acknowledging that that is exactly what they should have done in the first place.

    This was my plan, but the White House never called me:

    Since both sides weren't trusting each other, they should have sent the Bush girls to Baghdad university, and the Saddam boys to Las Vegas. If one side doesn't hold to the agreements, the kids die....Just like a few centuries ago...We don't have to reinvent the wheel...

    We would have saved thousands of lifes and except Halliburton, everybody would be better off....

    P.S. Oil would be below $40...
  3. fhl


    You didn't notice that iraq is our ally?
  4. Do you ever take the blinders off long enough to read the polls of how the Iraqi people feel about our presence there?


  5. fhl


    Ok, I get your point. So let's follow through on it. According to polls, even though the Iranian gov hates us, their people are the most pro american in the middle east. So, according to your brilliant analysis, Iran is our ally, and Iraq is our enemy.

    sheesh, indeed.
  6. Iran is not our ally, and neither is Iraq.

    What about Iraq don't you understand?

    Do you even read the comments of the leadership in Iraq?

    They want us OUT!

    A puppet government is not our our ally...

  7. Germany and Japan became our allies, so Saddam should be reinstated?

    Yeah, that makes a load of sense. Moonbat sense, that is.
  8. Consider posting with some more distinctive maturity happaboy, it will serve your point of views better, imo.

    Every thread you post in, is a reflection of your seeming immaturity. I was just wondering... how old are you?
  9. I merely respond to the moonbats in a manner they understand.

    Besides, what about what I said differs from the subject of this thread?

    Grow up. :D
  10. Pekelo


    Ponderable for Hapaboy:

    Why would the reinstated Saddam be worst than let's say the Iranian Shah, Mr. Pahlavi was?

    As long as they do whatever the US tell them, we don't care what they do to their people....
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