Why not just print money without borrowing?

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  1. Cant the US govt just print money without having to ask permission and borrow from the Federal Reserve?

    If they printed 500 trillion dollars and sent everyone a check (anyone making less that 100K a year, 200K max per couple earnings)

    Wont property values go back up? and people spend again?
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  3. Greenbacks. The US Government itself was able to print currency in the past.

    Todays dollar is called a Federal Reserve Note. This means that paper represents a debt to the Private banking industry.

    Greenbacks disappeared as FRNs replaced them.

    So The Government used to print its own currency.
  4. Isn't this, or something like it. one of Bernanke's reserve weapons if the lending and spending doesn't pickup and deflation continues?

    I am not suggesting this should or will happen by the way...
  5. Isn't that what the Fed is already doing?

    They are printing money to purchase half of T-Bonds issued.
    T-Bonds are a "loan" to the gov't
  6. The problem is TARP and all the other money that the US borrowed to hand to the banks went into vaults and to bonuses to a select section of the population.

    The problem is Money is not circulating, notice how much of an effect a measly 1 billion had on the economy when it was handed directly to Joe the plumber.

    If the 780 billion dollar TARP money was handed down to Joe the Plumber's you would see a much different economic situation today.

    The money is sitting in Bank vaults and Offshore entities. not circulating in the economy.
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    link? to better info?

    Care to elaborate on what the fed is - who controls and it - and who the shareholders are?
  8. The money is sitting in Bank vaults and Offshore entities. not circulating in the economy.
    (Please Add "BACKDOOR" in there somewhere)

    Bout time somebody picked-up on this. Where the Hell are all the so-called "Investigative Reporters"?

    I'm still waiting for the debut of a Dollar Bill (or any denomination) signed by Timothy "SchoolBoy" Geitner. Any sightings out there?

    And how about that Eleven-Hundred Page Budget?
    Anybody know of any politicians that have read it in its entirety yet?

    I'm a pretty fast reader and I think I could Still become the worlds first. Problem is that I can't find it. Been through page after page of cheer-leading on the ".gov" site but the actual Bill remains a mystery.

  9. Google "Weimar Republic" and "Zimbabwe"
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