Why not just drop landmines on the mexican border?

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  1. That would solve this issue and it would be real cheap. They used landmines to secure the berlin wall, putting up a heavy landmine carpet would stop illegal immigration.
  2. Same reason we cant drop landmines in our own yards to stop trespassers.
  3. I am sure you can nuke them as well, but that is not what America is all about.
  4. You are assuming that the government wants to stop illegal immigration. This administration wants to increase it, if possible, prio to amnesty and citizenship, just in time for the 2012 elections.

    In fairness, Bush did zilch to stop it either and McCain was a sponsor of amnesty legislation.
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    Although I wouldn't have a problem with it the pantie waste bleeding hearts would be screaming in the streets
    I dunno know but maybe its time it should be what America is about.
  6. An easier way to stop illegal immigration is give a minimum $100k fine for anyone who hires an illegal. Another 100k fine for any hospital that treats an illegal. There...problem solved. If there is no work for them or free healthcare, they wont come here.
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    Illegal to use against civilians.
  8. 100K fines would have a quick effect. Why wont Arizona do that?
  9. Or fine the people who benefit from illegals. You Peil stay at a hotel a Mexican lady cleans your room, bam you personally get fined $100,000 problem solved. Peil is bankrupt and won't solicit companies that use illegal labor again. And if you get busted again Peil, say your yard guy has a Mexican who hasn't gotten his papers legal yet, well this time for your offense 5 years in federal prision. Let's get behind this type of real plan teabaggers.
  10. We could do a cap and trade on citizenship.

    Sell my spare benefits to an illegal.

    Or we could just pay people to leave who don't like the US and they in turn could take the payout and sell their citizenship to someone who wants to work.
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