Why not give Wal Mart a bank charter?

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  1. They've always wanted one and they have a ton of capital. They would lend capital and credibility to the industry.
  2. Yea, why the fuck not?
  3. it appears that the fed was too busy tripping over themselves to help out some of their friends at GS and MS.

    Fed Allows Goldman, Morgan Stanley to Become Banks


    Besides, With the way walmart gives the customer what they want it would spell trouble for the other banks. With the end of the free market and one more step to being the USSA giving walmart a bank charter doesnt fit into the plan well.
  4. A local wal-mart has begun colocation with a bank called "Evergreen Bank" so we know that their desire for banking powers is definitely there. Some of you older people may remember the very old Sears model. They called it "From socks to stocks" and it involved kiosks from then-Sears subsidiaries Coldwell Banker, Dean Witter, and Allstate Insurance all housed within the same store.
  5. goldman is paulsons puppet and ms is goldmans bitch
  6. With WMT it was about saving money on CC processing fees. Banks wanted to hold on to their golden goose egg.
  7. Give McDonald's a bank charter. They would make it much easier to get loans, and the staff at MacDonald's are really fast and efficient...

    Imagine - drive through loans ... wow - you could make TONS of money... consumption would skyrocket!
    If anything - McD could just increase the prices on their burgers worldwide - I mean to "socialize" a little.
    Nothing like a little vampiric cancerous bloodsuckling off of the rest of the world...

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    Er, don't the auto companies have finance arms. Yes? Then they too are entitled to a bailout!

  9. Car companies ARE asking for financial help ... hehehe - they got the 0 APR ... and now they are getting ass-raped in competition because they only made guzzlers. Imagine that! What a coincidence that the Super-sizers are hurting ....

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