why not give the $700Billion bailout $$$ to 300 million Americans?or at least $1mill

Discussion in 'Economics' started by increasenow, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. why not give the $700Billion bailout $$$ to 300 million Americans?...or is that to simple?...it would all go back into the economy and stimulate the economy big time...think about it...at least $1million to 300 million Americans?...hmmm...
  2. Mvic


    check your math
  3. eagle


    Thank you. I wish you are the Treasury that save every citizen but kill the government and the country; and the citizen themselves in the long run of course. :D

    My definition of the government: Government help country for the idea but every citizen help the country as the force. That mean the government has no money (empty pocket) from the start, and every penny come from every citizen who work very hard.
  4. SForce


    Actually it's like 2300 a person, using his choice of numbers.

    Wow. He deleted his original post, too bad I didn't quote .. ohh.. wait..
  5. clacy


    increase now only posts to stir the pot. Pay no attention.

    Usually his posts are apparent from the title. An example would be:

    "Need a listing of brokers offering $100 daytrading margins for the ES!!!!!!!!!


    "CL!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    "Does anyone trade the Pound??? THANKS!!!!!!!!!"