why not fund the iraq war with iraq oil

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    why pay the war and occupation with tax money?

    I just cannot understand!
  2. Justice...
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    oil at record high, they should pump the iraq oil out of the ground and ship to US

    if we cannot get oil out of iraq, why fight the war?
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    there is nothing about justice,

    just occupy the little guy, so what? what can u do about it?
  5. War is a business...

    The Bush administration wants us there as long as possible because it means big profits for defense contractors...

    We pay taxes... These tax dollars go directly to companies such as Halliburton. The army blows up a bridge in Iraq, and then tax money goes to Halliburton to rebuild that bridge. Halliburton also provides many other services besides rebuilding infrastructure and setting up a base for the military. It provides the soldiers food and even washes their clothes.

    Halliburton is just one of many companies like it. It is obviously the biggest. But there are also the companies that build the weapons themselves. War obviously provides them with huge profits.

    So in our world, war is good for the elites because they are generally heavily invested in defense military compounds. America is so powerful, that losing wars in places like Vietnam and Iraq isn't important, because we don't lose are overall power. The goal is to make these wars last as long as possible to make sure that these companies are heavily profitable.

    The only way to pay for these things is by taxes. Basically, our tax dollars are going directly to corporations. The Iraq war is the "middleman" in a way. People are manipulated into thinking that the war was necessary and seemingly justifies why Halliburton steals their money.
  6. Why would the goobers in Warshington do that?
    That's what they said they would do...
    so it's pretty much guaranteed that they wouldn't...
  7. The splendor of vertical integration, eh?
  8. Monty'... I think it is OUTRAGEOUS, absurd and just plain rude to explain our wars exactly as they are without spinning it or sugar coating it in any way...

    You have a lot of nerve in telling the truth like that... what about the kids in school... what about George Freaking Washington and the cherry tree... or Mr. Smith Goes To Washington...

    Since the Patriot Act was passed it is no longer patriotic to speak honestly and with integrity and so clearly that a kindergarten class could understand it...

    Really WTF???


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    I like this explaination. The middleman theory makes a lot of sense.

    The average guys are screwed by the war, by the oil, by the economy.

    I originally think the war is about oil. Now oil at bubble price, and it really makes me very angry.

    But I am really angry that our tax dollar eventually go to the pocket of companys like HAL.

    Why we are the suckers like this? Is US still the superpower? I just don't get it.

  10. Have you ever heard the old saying, "You broke it. You bought it."?
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