Why No Tea Bag Parties When Bush Caused This Mess?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dsq, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. dsq


    Under bush the market tanked 50% yet no organized protests from these wackos.Why not????
    Under obama the market is UP.
    Has anybody seen any anti bush posters at these t bag events?He s the guy they should be dumping on.This is nothing but a phony right wing nut attack organized by the pravda of the usa:faux news.

    This tea bag protest is a farce by idiots who have no comprehension of reality.A bunch of camouflage wearing cowards and wannabe hillbillies.
    All these nuts screaming about taxes.These are the same bozos who say freedom isnt free.Well how the hell do you pay for the wars?They are financed by taxpayers.DUH.If you want war be prepared to pay for it.Paying your taxes should be a patriotic act if you beleive in war operations.
  2. You are a teabag!
  3. Apparently you are a 40%-er.
  4. The answer is self evident. Tea parties are a lame attempt at a "grass roots" movement by a bunch of deranged lunatics.
  5. Hey Retard,

    During the Bush admin there were such tea parties - then called the minuteman protest, and you fags called them a bunch of racists, and whatever else.
  6. dsq


    Yeah,they were certainly protesting bush and his economic disaster policies.Yeah.
    See what i mean by camo wearing blowhard cowards?This hillbilly trash relate to one another.Stupidity is an amazing unifier!

    Ok turd,read this even though you cant comprehend:Under bush-market down 50%.Under Obama market up.Got that?

    Why do you guys hate america so much?
  7. wjk


    There was a protest during the Bush years. Disgruntled pubs helped put the dems back in control of congress in 2006 by voting dem.
  8. The stock market is valued based on near term expectations.

    The market tanked about August / September when it was clear Omaba was probably going to win.
  9. This is what King George III said after the Boston Tea Party.
  10. If the market started its collapse in September of 07 rather than September of 08, you would have seen the same protests on April 15th of last year.

    This has little to do with Bush/Obama, and much to do with the federal government being too big for its own good.
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