Why no real solution from opposition party?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, it is know that you hate Obama.


    What is the solution going forward?

    What are the specific steps to take?

    What republican president are you rooting for?

    Are you more than just the party of "no" and whining babies?
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    Personally, I don't hate Obama. I'm willing to give the guy a chance. I'm still waiting to see some results.
  3. Disqualify the names below and go from there:

    Clintons and the wreckage they have drug up (Emanuel, Summers, Geithner, and some other as yet named idiots in this adminstration) And for godsakes retire Carville.

    Obama (see above)

    Bush family and various neocon spawn.

    Run Murtha out on a rail.

    Imo, US would be much better off with the above listed out of politics. Certainly, there are others.
  4. IMO the 'answer' is to stop the politicians from 'doing' anything. That's what screws things up.

    Stop all the economic bail out non-sense. End the Fed. Go back on a gold standard. Let the banks that used fraud and were reckless go under and be taken over by stronger banks.

    End government interference in as many areas as possible. Open up true market based competition. Capitalism didn't fail, but we haven't had true capitalism for many years. - - Drastically cut the size of government. (Eliminating their ability to 'borrow' money printed from the Fed would help reduce government.) Get government and the lawyer/liar/politicians that live off of them out of peoples lives.

    It took a long time for things to get this bad, it would likely take decades for all of this to be phased in & for people to be educated on the principles & ideals on which the country was founded (before Hamiliton and his ilk established the same kind of merchantilism that they were subjected to under the British king.) Go back to teaching kids about their history and the Constitution.

    These ideas are further expanded by the Austrian school of economics, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and many other voices for Liberty. - - -

    P.S. - - - the 'parties' are two sides of the same coin. The left-right illusion is total b.s.
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    Have you heard of this site?

    You sound like a candidate I could vote for.
  6. Thanks for the link. I clicked on it and will check it our further.

    Maybe there really will be a New American Revolution and people will begin to see that they have been screwed by the politicians game forever. What your folks or grandfolks told you was right afterall. There's no free lunch. You have to work hard for what you want. All you can ask is for others to leave you alone so that you can try to build a life for yourself. "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Regards, - - -
  7. Ever notice noone here ever rails about lobbyists and their influence. Maybe the wingnuts are lobbyist shills?
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    I've seen complaints.
    And I'd be all too happy to have their influence reduced to a fraction of what it is now.

    Would that be the left wing nuts, or the right?
  9. Democrats/Republicans. Are just two sides of the same coin.

    In Soviet Union you had 1 party, In the US you have two parties, "that party and the other party" Same results.

    Bushama is just another ballplayer.

    Bush, iraq
    Obama, Afghanistan
    Bottom line, profits for Military industrial complex.

    Just moving the chess piece.
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    Would accident/injury and divorce lawyers still have to declare themselves? And what if you were worth more than $11.5 million before the recession, but you're not now? If elected to be a representative, and one's wealth grew to over $11.5 million after the recession, would one then have to resign?
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