Why no pullbacks in this rally ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by niting, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. niting


    I expected the market to go up but also expected some pull backs along the way. Why pull backs are missing this time ?
  2. dac8555


    to me the rally is a pullback. the overall market trend is downward, we are in the correction.
  3. An 80+ point (ES/SP) pullback correction???
  4. yup... no retracements.. no pullbacks... just upcreep every single day..

    no decent red closes.. if any....

    NO FEAR out there....

  5. dac8555


    yeah, no fear. Then your margin call comes. tell at that point what your emotion will be. i can tell you this...wont be "no fear"!


    what r u? a monthly chart index player?
  7. This rally is really aggravating........even if i did want to join, its not giving me an entrance:mad:
  8. SPX at 4.5 year highs and making new MONTHLY HIGHS above 1245.86

    That's no downtrend my friend.
  9. That's why the market has been going higher.
    It doesn't allow anyone to get in "comfortably"
    One has to be able to buy strength.
    Sometimes, very hard to do.
  10. Hello,

    There were 2 pullbacks in last 2 weeks, Did you guys miss this on $INDU?



    2 pullbacks in 2 weeks

    Breakout on 11/18

    3 chances to enter if you play that kind of position.

    If you didn't get on them you can't blame the markets.

    Considering there is no resistance above, expect very little pullbacks.
    #10     Nov 23, 2005