Why no one is trading LOL

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by buzzy2, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Nice volatility in ZN, ZB, oil and currencies

    ES stuck in a 2 pt range over the last hour... WTF???
  2. maybe equity people can't decide between good consumer confidence, ISM numbers and bad news like 2 dollar oil rise, and construction # suggesting housing bubble about to pop?

    bonds notes reacting "logically" so far.
  3. Happy Holidays everybody....
  4. yes for everybody except index futures traders
  5. buzzy,

    Go home...enjoy yourself!

  6. Because all the hedge hogs, specs and mm`s are out here clogging up Southampton. Go back to the city!
  7. oh..you have a car?

  8. We're out of the office, enjoying life a little. Call it "early retirement", for a couple days.
  9. yes.....it took me 30 minutes to go from the office to the bank and back.....it`s 1/4 mile..lol
  10. Were you laughing? Hey...Have a nice Holiday...(laughing all the way to the bank..get it?)

    Michael B.

    #10     Jul 1, 2005