Why no one is buying?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by buzzy2, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Ahead of tomorrow Greenspan pump-a-pallooza

    oil down....

    I was expecting at least S&P +5.00

    EDIT OK the Greenspan buying might have occurred yesterday but what about oil....
  2. Because if alan indicates that he's not done raising after 2 more then the mkt will get scared of an inverted yield curve and the subsequent recession.

    Just a guess.
  3. So you're saying if there is no indication rate lifting is about to end the market will tank?

    Good point.

    But then again Greenspan rarely goes against what Wall St expects.
  4. ZN ZB going down, expecting "continuing raising at a measured pace".
  5. Since last FOMC meeting:

    S&P, DJIA up
    BONDS, NOTES up --- long rates down
    OIL up
    employment, inflation data about the same

    I see no reason for Greenspan to shamelessly pump the markets like last time. On the contrary, there are reasons to keep increasing rates.

    So there is no reason to expect a big rally tomorrow, for fundamental reasons at least.

    Thanks for your reply sputrdr
  6. you silly fools.... larry kudlow will be on cnbc shortly and he will tell us all we need to know.
  7. We could get a big relief rally after the meeting if they/ alan doesnt' say anything bad.

    My feeling is that the mkt is having a staring contest with the fed and we are gonna have to wait to see who blinks.
  8. Inch by inch, we are getting ever so close. Last month he made mention that an inverted curve does not always mean recession, I could not belive he was all ready out talking about it.
  9. landboy


    INstitutional money flow was actually positive today, all the negative flow was not hitting any bids. I got a buy signal today, but it's not always accurate, since I also got a buy signal on Wednesday last week just before the plummit, yikes
  10. Looks like the equity market blinked but the bond market is still staring.
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