Why no IB bb stocks...

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    As tuna alluded to, IB's current pricing model doesn't work well for low-priced stocks, which is a good reason for not bothering with it, since they wouldn't get much traffic for the trouble.

    There are, of course, other nuisances, like the increased incidence of trade disputes, non-firm quotes, the general nature of BB stocks giving rise to more corporate actions, etc., all of which require more work on the part of the broker to handle.

    myTrack has some sort of auto-ex arrangement for BBs I think, and they have always been active in that marketplace, so this stuff isn't much of a problem for them.

    As someone else said, there is work under weigh to make it more electronic instead of the phone-based negotiated market (killing field :) ) that it is now (or was last time I looked).
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  2. WOW! What a first post!

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  3. Shame, the stock I'm thinking of is trading at 8X next year's FCF and should grow fcf by 100% + for the next 5 years, as they already have firm contract committments.

    Only problem is that it's bb.
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    I confirmed, they are manually executed. So no dice via IB.
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    CyberTrader seems to have rules that don't allow shorting stocks under 5 dollars, yet I have been told that they allow it in practice. Is there a CyberTrader customer here who could shed some light on this?
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    p2: You hyping your PVC window company again? You own 100% of it yet? :p
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  7. Nope, thv is amex. I only own about 2% anyway. Not hyping. Never have.
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