why no extended-hour session for stock options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by qdz, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. maybe the fabled BOX will be open 24/7...

    btw, whatever happened to that thing???

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  2. just21


    see the Box thread under options
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  3. def

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    see the thread, and check out the BOX web site for more info. The BOX website has the most up to date info. www.bostonoptions.com they say that they are hoping for a launch in 2nd quarter 2003 pending regulatory approvals.

    24/7 option trading. Definately possible. However in the near future, highly unlikely.
    - Poor underlying liquidity in the cash markets after hours.
    - few firms would have the ability/desire to staff their desks to make markets overnight (staffing would include not only traders but back office. In addition, the clearing houses and/or exchange would have to staff additional personnel)
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    ICE, are you implying the PDT rule is one of the edges that some have against others?

    def, your explanation sounds reasonable.


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