why no extended-hour session for stock options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by qdz, Dec 3, 2002.

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    Stock options is the most self-destructive market place I have ever seen, many unfair and illogical rules like the PDT rule. There is also no liquidity before or after the regular session even the underlying are traded actively. Why would you work under the PDT rule in these cases?

    Anyway, sooner or later, folks will be all gone.

  2. Yes, but their money will go first -- and that's what they want.
  3. Well, the specialists need to go home at some point! But it would be very cool to have an out-of-hours market, limited to open interest I presume, where the prices are set by the buyers and sellers. I bet you'd see these annoying 30% spreads shrink.
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    because options exchanges and special interest groups are lazy bastards. they only want to get easy low risk money without hard work. they make rules to make market maker lives easier. they added cancellation fee. they don't care about liquidity and high volatility. they use PDT rules to screw small investors. All in all, they are lazy pigs and deadly cancer in our financial industry. Folks will all be gone sooner or later.

  5. When are you leaving?
  6. What country are you talking about?
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    You heard a story in Atlanta back to several years ago? Traders knock off the whole tables when it goes to extreme. By the way, it was not just a small trader.


  8. I am just curious... no offense, but are you participating in the equities and options market to lose money or to make money?! >laugh> AND then I wonder what kind of upbringing you had such that you "grew up" to be a carping baby thinking the world owes YOU a living?!

    Your view seems to be that all other participants should be more altruistic and by so doing, change any SMALL edge amateurs like you percieve they might have, for one reason only (as far as I can see): so that whiners like you can make more money.

    APPARENTLY that is YOUR uninformed spin on the markets after reading many of your posts. Your definitition of "FAIR" is:

    "GDZ makes more money, for nothing"! Non! Get my driftt.

    A psyche major could have a field day with you trying to understand your narcissistic and self-aggrandizing viewpoint of the markets.

    Finally brother, I venture to say that IF the rules were changed exactly as you seek... you still would lose money and/or find something else to complain about So, be careful what you wish for sport...

    good LUCK in 2003...

  9. I DO however believe there should be option trading after hours...

    But that is not what you are here for... you are here GDZ, to indict all others making markets... without whom (b.t.w.) you'd have NO chance for participation at all.

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    I have no problem to understand what you were saying to me. That's insulting on no ground, non-taken.

    Good luck to you too in 2003.


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