why no execution

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by couponjohn, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. What would cause such a delay in execution.

    I had 2000 shares of Ford on scottrade and I placed a order to limit for just a little .10 up and I sat there and watched the price hit over and and over and over but my trade never executed. Then the damn stock went under.

    Could anyone tell me what would cause this? bad broker? what?
  2. It was sell at 10:07:19

    was the first one that never sold for 11.00
  3. Ebo


    Just a thought ...........

    Perhaps you did not get executed @ $11.00 since the NYSE high for F was $10.91!


  4. Hmm it was showing higher on my board, but now I look it does not show it at 11, wonder why it did this..
  5. =======
    Might have seen 11 on F,but;
    prefer 2 0r 3 quotes [11.91 was correct high], and
    even better than that knowing /focusing on a stock, or a few.

    Most all brokers arent known for acurate quotes and ; have been known to politely call any of my brokers if my limit orders arent hit within several minutes even if I am trying to split bid/ask. or anywhere close. And usually tell broker something i like also so it isnt a negative experience.

    I looked and recieved instruction-Solomon,trader king.