Why no Black Monday threads?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NTB, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. NTB


    You guys are getting too complacent. I'm getting worried. Seriously.
  2. empee


    cause this is it! no one posted!
  3. ggoyal


    we r traders here. we are not suppose to predict the market. thats called gambling. what matters most is the price action of the individual stock you are trading or looking to trade. if you hold position going into the weekend, then i guess u should be concerned, but there is nothing u can do.
  4. mde2004


    Don't be worried you gambler. We traders could care less bitch.
  5. patoo


  6. really. just random entry then with money management, works everytime!

  7. great response about traders not caring about what the ameket does. i agree 100%,the market direction is not something i care about.
  8. ET is a contrarian indicator...
  9. When you don't see a "Black ___day" thread at ET, THAT's when you worry.

    Now I'm worried!
  10. Tums


    where is blue when we need him ?
    #10     Sep 9, 2007