Why new traders sell at the worst time?(trading in the zone)

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mute9003, Jan 18, 2022.

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    The major reason that they don't have patience is that their position sizing is incorrect and they are wildly overextended and so have quick trigger fingers.
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  2. Impatience, lack of knowledge and no trading plan, lead traders to sell at the worst time in the trading zone.
    Experienced traders start trading with a well-defined plan. They know their exact entrance and exit points, the amount of capital they need to put into the trade, and the maximum loss they are willing to accept.
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  3. New traders sell at the worst time due to a variety of reasons, including a lack of understanding, a lack of a well-thought-out strategy, and impatience. They must first study the market, come up with a strategy, then trade wisely.
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    So watching the market now.
    As a noob trader i caught myself multiple times running out of patience at the bottoms

    Why? Because the tight consolidation is not moving up or down its basically stuck in small price range where i cant even get out in a small rally up.
    And its extremely painfull to watch it slap you over and over with tiny movements.
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  5. That happens probably cause they are seeing a spike in an upward or downward trend and trying to get in without realizing it is already too late just to lose money. There is absolutely no planning or technical analysis being done beforehand and just pure FOMO. I made that mistake when I first started trading, it's a very costly one.
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    New traders fail at controlling their excitement. They also fail at analysing the market well and if they analyse it, they fail at sticking to their trading plans. They get influenced by the market and change their plans.
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