Why new traders sell at the worst time?(trading in the zone)

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mute9003, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. Leob


    Because they cell by candles pattern and not by orders patterns. Short time candles are some times part of the trap.
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  3. GoAhead


    I think it can be because of lack of knowledge of forex market.
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  4. Normalcy


    Such things happen due to a lack of knowledge and experience. On top of it, they become emotional, which blinds their ability to think logically. The combination of these results in a trade loss.
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  5. mute9003


    so there are no chart patterns that trigger fomo or panic sell in new traders?
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  6. themickey


    For noob retail traders, mostly emotions is what drives their buying and selling, while for more experienced traders, it's their signals/plan/strategies/algos which supply timing and very little of it should be emotional.
    No single chart pattern other than maybe relentless buying or selling triggers the noob.
    You see, with chart patterns everyone is decyphering them differently because especially noobs, they are heavily reliant on indicators and that's a mishmash of confusion and variation.
    So, 100 noob traders will give you 100 different interpretations on what price is going to do next. That's another things, noobs love to come at trading believing the road to riches is by being able to predict accurately, and that's the wrong approach imo.
    So, no, there is no chart patterns triggering a mass of traders to act.
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  7. Dr_Trade


    Plus they don't understand the important S n D zones.
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  8. buckram


    I’d say emotions. At least this is what affects my decisions most of the time. Too many red candles makes me panic sell.
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  9. GotherL


    That sounds like a mix of poor risk management, being too emotional and a lack of technical understanding of how stocks behave.

    For example:

    1. Selling on support and buying at resistance.

    2. Being too impatient to wait for the right entry or having any plan at all whatsoever.

    3. Overstaying and not having a proper stop loss in mind. (Sell only when it makes you wanna bang your head on the wall.)

    Just some of the leaks I deciphered from that post. At least, you're not unique. Every trader has made these trade mistakes at least an gazillion times.
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