Why new traders sell at the worst time?(trading in the zone)

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mute9003, Jan 18, 2022.

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    BUT even she did not ''sell @ the worst time'' She made a small profit.
    AS far as new traders'' sell @ worst time'' i dont believe that , no new trader is that consistent.
    Something turning around ''one hour after he, original poster, sold'' LOL/ that makes no difference unless it happens all the time , in that case, his stops are to tight:D:D
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  2. smallfil


    I have been teaching her how to trade and she followed my trades. Problem is she is hard headed. Intelligent people are the hardest to teach anything because their egos prevent them from accepting when they are wrong. It is not a question of being right or wrong about a trade but, to be consistent in your approach using the same rules. Each trade should have the same weight and value and more so, when the trade is moving in your favor. "Cut your losses and let your winners run." She ignored this rule. Not a newbie trader but, she has a long way to go.
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  3. mute9003


    It happens all the time
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  4. benten


    Yeah, pretty frequently!
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  5. Statistics certainly help to act with less emotion. Having a tried and testing plan is crucial.
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    HOPEFULLY, she is not familiar with Chicago trading rule ''the smarter you are , the longer it takes''LOL:D:D Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters[.400] said when he got in the zone, he could see the see the seams of a baseball, as it sped towards home plate. My banker dad bought a Sears .22 rifle with his name on it.:caution::caution:
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  7. MotionX


    I think this happens because of the lack of knowledge and not observing the market properly.
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  8. My advice... "Learn Price TA". Everything the market knows, hopes, expects, and fears... is in the charts. You know when the market has shifted from buying-to-selling and vice versa.
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  9. Specterx


    To some degree this is a cognitive bias. Without a proper methodology, your results are random but you remember the near misses and "coulda woulda shouldas". Randomness and volatility in the market makes it seem like many trades were just off the mark, even if in reality you were miles wide of it.

    The big factor, though, is that especially in highly speculative retail gambler markets like crypto, everyone is cuing off the same chart lines/points and moving averages, and at a more macro level the charts reflect the herd behavior of humans lurching between fear and greed. Unskilled traders succumb to fear and greed in roughly the same predictable way, with their stops placed at the same levels, etc. whereas skilled traders are able to navigate these environments while mostly avoiding the traps.
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    @Specterx This may be the Most Intelligent Post ever seen on ET -- Thanks. What you posted is Clear, Concise, and should be noted by all that are fortunate to have read it. (Hopefully others will understand and value what you posted.)
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