Why my threads are the most popular on ET

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Feb 3, 2003.

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  1. I am probably one of the most intelligent traders in this community. I am HUGE!!
  2. lol :p

    "I am HUGE!! I am unconscious!! I am $$$MR. MARKET$$$." - mrmarket
  3. qdz2


    here he comes again! honestly, you are still tiny comparing to the market despite the size of some parts of your body.

  4. It's called a negative selection.
  5. okwon


    LOL! Here we go again. :D
  6. ALICE


    Very happy to see you persevere against all odds. The children will soon tire.

    If you don't mind picking your brain a little, what hot picks are piquing your interest in this market?

    Many of us are very interested to know any of your recent positions?

    Thank You.

  7. okwon


    Shouldn't this thread be in chit chat?
  8. DAMN !! you dont stop. do you really want to know why you are so popular? its because you are the biggest loser on the planet and it gives us someone to pick on when we are bored. you have no life. you never have anything worth a shit to say. all your threads consist of ..... '' am i hot or not'', ''why am i so popular'', and '' i am huge'' ..... which proves my point that u are a disgrace. u should commit suicide right now. dont wait any longer !! we will not miss you !! damn ! , your poor kids, to have a father like that must really suck.......once again though , it is your moms fault...... she should have swallowed that one !

    by the way, you are not huge, i shit turds bigger than you....................but not bigger than that nose !!

    , quick
  9. did you mean to say '' picking your little brain and your big nose !!! ''
  10. ALICE


    Well this is great ... Now we're in chit-chat. :(
    #10     Feb 3, 2003
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