Why My Thread "I Just Took a Dump!" Was Deleted From Chat?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by shortie, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. this is the content of the message i posted yesterday. we even had a meaningful discussion going and now the thread is gone. what's is going on?

    Title: I Just Took a Dump!
    Content: Please Re-Tweet!
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    Keeping regular is very important.
  3. last night ~4 people replied and i was looking forward to more discussions. now my morning is ruined.

    the thread was posted in Chat. was it in the wrong forum? why was not it moved to the correct forum?
  4. Baron

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    Not even the chit chat forum can be home to a thread that stupid.
  5. ROFL

    we do have our standards in chit! :D
  6. this is total BS! the thread was smarter than 90% threads in Chat!
  7. your thread stunk! :D
  8. I believe I was singled out by an overzealous Mod who based his decision on his/her personal biases towards me and not on the value of the thread (by Chat standards).

    As I mentioned before, my starting post generated valuable discussion with several ETers participating. As such, the thread clearly was valuable. It is unfortunate that it was nipped at the bud before the discussion could reach its well deserved blossom.

    Given the facts above, I demand a full investigation. The Mod should be reprimanded and/or apologize for his/her behavior.
  9. there's an old saying..

    don't chit where you post :D

    and definitely don't chit where i post!
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    :DOuch! Dat's funny!:D
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