Why my thread about trading videos was deleted?

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  1. Maybe with a russian name (pavlov) the moderators think that you are pushing your own Ukranians videos and therefore breaking ET rules?
  2. I'm not sure whats "pushing" a video means..And profiling based on avatar name?? WTF?

    What are ET rules about Ukrainian videos?

    I only said that Easter European traders like to post actual recordings of their trades and here, on ET all we see are stream of never ending "Journals" that bring no educational value..

    I remember when Sobano posted his video here, there was some unidentifiable jealousy/heat towards his videos..

    Check out his other trade, this guy is an ACE!

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    I think ET only wants English info or maybe someone to translate the info and I say that because I remember a few years back someone posted videos of real trades of some fella from Japan making several thousand per day along with end of day broker account statements but everything was in Japanese.

    The guy was trading Oil CL futures and EuroFX 6E futures and each video was also almost 2 hours of trading. Importantly, I do remember saying to myself...why did he post videos in a foreign language...taking away the education value of being posted at an English speaking forum. There must be Japanese trading forums out there that would find those videos educational.

    Whomever it was that posted those videos...he didn't post again at ET nor complained about them being deleted. :(

    Therefore, my question to you...isn't there another forum you can post your videos where the traders speaks/writes in the same language in comparison to ET that does not ???

    Maybe your videos got moved to another thread especially if you posted them here in the "Career Trader" thread instead of in the "Educational Resource" thread like your other videos...

  4. I think even with foreign language background commentary, these videos are very valuable as you can see real entries and position/stop management of a real trader, trading US stocks, consistently making more money per day then 90% of posters here..

    I think vendors here complain cause these videos are real deal and not their snake OIL they trying to sell, hence undermining their DVD sales etc..
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    I don't think it has anything to do with vendors.

    Maybe your thread got moved to a different section because you originally posted in the wrong area of ET. I see threads moved a lot because they were posted in the wrong area.

    For example, you posted this thread in the "Career Trader" section instead of in the "Education" section...don't be surprise to see it get moved without any feedback from ET management or moderators to why it was moved. :eek:

    Regardless, if someone doesn't understand the language and explanation in the videos...how's it educational ???

    Seeing proof that someone is profitable is NOT educational if you don't understand the foreign language video. In contrast, the video is just proof that someone is profitable...that's all unless you're someone that speaks/writes the language which gets back to me earlier comment...why not post the video at the appropriate trading forum that speaks the language...that would be educational.

  6. I searched by my username, and all posts are gone they werent movred anywhere.

    Second question - I think the chart formations and seeing where he adds and exits position is very useful.
  7. wrbtrader


    Do you speak and write the language ???

    Also, has the videos improved your trading in any way...if so...what areas of your trading did you see an improvement (e.g. order execution, position size management, entry strategy, exit strategy). I watched the videos (saw them before you posted links to them)...didn't understand them and didn't see an improvement in my trading. Maybe its the language issue. :cool:

    Therefore, the videos you posted by that guy are not educational to me. Yet, they are useful because they are proof that there are profitable traders out there with verification of those particular trading days that they were trading.

    Useful but not educational.
  8. Yes, I speak the language, I just posted the videos here yesterday, after Sat. Market close..

    They are very useful to me because I see chart patterns where he enters, his stops and exits. Even without audio one can watch everything on the platform.

    Btw, he is on FB and posts video updates there as well

  9. Which in itself might be the most "useful" of all, and even more important than his method. There are many free profitable methods out there, but evidence that it CAN and IS being done
    is inspirational. That alone could be the edge someone needs.
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