Why My DVD drive can't open certain CD-ROM and DVD-R?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Nana Trader, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Some CDs and DVDs are not opening in my DVD drive, and cause continuos pegging to my hard disk, or somtimes says "Data may be corrupted or using different format for disks"

    I'm sure my DVDs and CDs disks are ok, because i can open them with other PCs

    Thanks for any help
  2. Ninja


    Maybe the session is not closed?
  4. Tums


    poor quality pirated disks
  5. Ninja

    I don't understand?


    I looked at that before, and will find if the regional setting has to be changed


    I used high quality Sony DVD+R to copy files from my PC to DVDs, however the DVD burner belonged to a business center, as i don't have DVD burner
  6. ?
  7. Ninja


    Well, somehow I had the impression that you are talking about self-burned CDs and DVDs. If not then simply forget what I wrote above.
  8. KK70


    Hi Nanatrader,

    I had a similar problem some time ago when CDs/DVDs from one computer where unplayable on the other (older) computer. Turns out that the old CD drive had a max setting of 16X and could play CDs that were 16X or lower while the new DVD drive had a setting of 52X and could therefore play CDs/DVDs between 16X and 52X as well.

    Hope this helps.