Why must Bartiromo SCREAM instead of talking?!?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by seasideheights, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Why you lepers watching that trash.

    Read a good book.
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  2. I can't stand the biatches infesting the news.

    Shrikes , all of them

    For you illiterates.

    shrike (shrīk) pronunciation

    Any of various carnivorous oscine birds of the family Laniidae, having a screeching call and a strong hooked bill with a toothlike projection and often impaling its prey on sharp-pointed thorns or barbs of wire fencing.
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  3. They all scream. Cramer is the worst.

    I haven't had TV for three years. Every time I go somewhere where a TV is playing I'm amazed at how the talking heads are yelling at the top of their lungs.
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  4. "Man she's annoying.

    Someone give that woman a muzzle."

    She has gotten a lot better but is still annoying. Back in the late 90’s when she was on the floor she was one rude Bit@@. She would push the floor people out of the way and basically just disrespect them. Her attitude was that her reporting on CNBC was more important then what the floor people were doing. I am pretty sure something was said to CNBC because they took her off the floor and she has mellowed over the years. Does anyone here remember those days when she was on the trading floor?
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  5. gaj


    as a *viewer*, i thought she did a good job on the floor. she was able to deal with the commotion on the floor well, and got more people to talk with her than should be expected. that doesn't excuse any pushing/shoving she did, because the people on the floor deserve the right to do their business.

    she left the floor because she wanted to - at the time, cnn (?) was expected to bid for her, so cnbc basically went overboard and paid her vastly more than she was worth, along with promises of programs / primetime anchor spot / etc.

    i also didn't get the 'money honey' stuff - i never found her remotely attractive.

    i find her unlistenable when she's on, and at that time of day, cnbc's only on so i can see how much time is left in the day if my clocks aren't working. she's a bonafide market cheerleader who (i believe) REALLY believes the market should only go up. the funny part is about 5 years ago, when she, probably for the only time, said something about maybe it's time to start going short in this market. it marked a bottom - i'd swear 'to the day' but my memory could be a little faulty.
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  6. gaj


    oh yeah - until fox shows they can remotely run a business broadcast worlds better than what they do on the weekend, cnbc has nothing to worry about.

    anyone know if gary smith still appears on fox? would he be one of their regular guests?
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  7. I used to run a ta where she had an account through a fund. She always dropped the "do you know who I am?" crap on the phone. I wish I would have dubbed the tape. And this was back in the late 90's when she was getting groped on the nyse floor every morning, long before she was checking out Ben's package to get him talking.
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  8. SteveD


    To think she wasn't wanted on the NYSE floor is ludicrous...my guess would be anyone caught giving her a hard time was asked to leave..

    Every morning the CEO of a company was escorted by Grasso to be interviewed by her....Maria was the best thing that ever happened to the NYSE floor....

    CNBC, along with the internet, brought the "trading world" to the individual...

    I think statistics show only about 10% of traders are pure "short" traders....not counting traders who use a short to hedge..

    Apparently 90% of those are on Elite Trader, LOL

    I remember when the ONLY place to get a quote was the newspaper!!!

    You guys are funny.....

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  9. Steve D said :

    " Maria was the best thing that ever happened to the NYSE floor.... "

    Excuse me while I go puke. You have to be kidding !
    The best thing that happened was when she left the floor.
    She was obnoxious and rude and really served no valuable purpose being on the floor.
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  10. Looks like she is coming on to me. I salivate at lips when she talks about stocks. She must be hungry for love~~??
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