why most traders are LIARS?

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  1. Most traders are self delusional.

    Most traders are loosers.

    Enough said.
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  2. Eh-um..... that flew over your head. If they show a p&l and try and sell IMO they have an agenda. Traders make money and iam one of them. What drives you to attack a post when you don't understand it. Forest gump"Stupid is as stupid posts SIR" Now go lose more money
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  3. What exactly is a looser?
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  4. SDticks


    A person that is loose, or a person that can't spell loser. :)
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  5. A loser is someone who comes on Elite and makes absurd generalizations about traders because either he/she has never seen or met successful traders, or because he/she is jealous and envious of those who can do what he/she cannot and those who have what he/she does not.

    To those who think all traders are liars:
    For every poster on Elite Trader trader who makes a successful living out of the market there are at least 100 con men trying to peddle their wares and another 100 idiots who are just too stupid to ever succeed at anything in life, least of all trading. However, you seem to make the assumption that because most people who post on elite are either scammers or morons, markets are therefore massively efficient.

    Your thread title should be "Why are most Elite Trader posters LIARS?", to which I would answer: becuase they're either con men or idiots who are prey for the con men. What possible benefit would any successful trader gain from sharing valuable insight with such a community?
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