why most traders are LIARS?

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  1. i don't get this.

    why most traders are liars; lying too much about how easy profit they can make & no one dares to reveal how much they lost or how hard it is to even survive.

    if its that easy to make money in daytrading, why warren buffett is the wealthiest investor of all times but not even one daytrader can go near him...lolz.

    i am sick & tired of lying posts on this forum about how easy daytraders can make money.

    traders, please DON'T lie!!!!
  2. quite correct. Some ET posters who put on an air of high profitability are often stuffed shirts. "Gee I made $3-4,000 today." "Gee, I feel sorry for those poor duffers in the corporate offices." "Gee, look at me."

    The general air of someone who is wealthy generally tends to be more secretive, evasive of their dealings or identity. That is one reason they seek asset protection, liability protection, identity protection, etc.

    People who blow their own horns are often sounding more like an entire brass ensemble...
  3. You should be asking yourself why it matters so much to you. If you know what "truth" is, then that should be your focus. Maybe you're lying to yourself.

    Trading can be as hard or easy as you make it or your knowledge allows. If I knew what I was going to face when I started doing this I probably would not have done it; but it has taught me a great deal about who I am.
  4. ^^ are you crazy? why am i lying to myself when i posted the truth?


    are you one of those liars that's why you sounded pissed because you feel i was talking about liars-traders like YOU?
  5. the best post ever. thank you.
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    p/l 2008 shows traders putting up big down days as well as up days...
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    I would think that that has more to do with issues of liquidity than anything else. Someone correct me if I'm wrong: Steven Cohen pretty much 'day traded' at his hedge fund until recently (as they decided to hold positions for longer periods).

    It would be pretty hard, if not next to impossible for someone like Warren Buffet to enter and exit the market on a daily basis and still make 25 to 30% a year on his capital.

  8. steve cohen.

    nuff said.

  9. There are certainly a lot of liars here, but I've also seen a lot of straight-shooters.

    What do you expect from the free message board?

    Just take what you can get out of this place.

    There are a lot of good info on this site nevertheless.

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    read an article yesterday saying about 10% of daytraders actually make money while the rest of the 90% Lose!!!!!!
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