why man has good positioning ability

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  1. when I drive to some new place, I look at map first. then I drive, sometimes road work changes my route, amazingly, I drive by gut, and I did not bring GPS or GPS not work, just drive on those new roads, my wife often complains "is that right?", I said to her "yes, I am at the right direction".

    no joke, after lots of this/that, maybe or may not, I arrive at those new place. my wife finally admits and feel puzzled how I know why I drive to the new place right. I said to her: I know that direction.

    when my wife drives, when she gets lost, she just drives round and round, she drive a whole day, finally still the same spot, so I just said, "you worry too much, those new roads will not let you go astray, if you have the right direction/position in mind".

    I have clear picture of south/north/east/west in mind, so I can not get lost even I take new unfamilar routes.

    trading to me is the same. I think my success is attributed to this ability. I just have the target in mind and my well thought idea, then ignore those noises, little up/downs, finally I landed where I want to.

    this oritation gut feeling is so great.

    when the market runs toward 3:00pm, I suddenly realized the market is rallying toward the report gush down point and more, load NQ/ES, make a good ride in final half hour and reach my target.

    the gut feeling of "natural gas will run above 4+, and toward recnt new high 4.120", made me bought NG and UNG options in the opening, ride a nice whole day!
  2. I do not know why I have this gut sense.

    the funny thing is I bought ACI puts yesterday just because it hit new low "oh holy crap, natural gas power generation will replace coal", but this morning when I flip over daily chart accidently, "oh, man I made a mistake, I get to buy calls, it seems to me 5 is a temp bounce point, 6 is the resistance."

    sold puts and bought calls in the opening, avoided a total ruin.
  3. Goldman Sachs would love you to join the team.