Why liberals should love the 2nd Amendment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ghost of Cutten, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Reminds me a lot of a flaming liberal with a useless liberal arts degree.
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  2. Indeed. I suggest you sleep under your bed with your gun at your side.
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    The same could be said about guys who put hydraulics or rims on a car, does that mean we should outlaw them? I dont own a gun nore do i ever intend to own one, but i dont want to take away someone elses right to own one because it is largely an ego thing for some gun owners.

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  4. MBA '84. Thanks for asking. Tell me about your degree. I don't usually talk about education, but you are the one who brought it up.
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    LOL!!!!!!!! :)
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    To be clear, I myself am not against gun ownership. I don't even support registration. I merely point out a couple of contradictions.
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  7. The funny thing about hearing libtards weigh in on guns, is their failure to acknowledge that the vast, vast per capita majority of gun crime in the U.S. (and the U.K.) is committed by minorities.

    American whites commit murder at no higher "rate" than whites in Canada, Australia, Germany etc.

    By the same token, gun laws are used to selectively prosecute minorities at a far greater degree than they're employed to lock up white folks. If Placido Burress were a white, female nurse who was carrying a gun for protection, do any of us think he (she) would be serving a two year term in prison?
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    Based on this, it would follow then, that wherever in time and space that we look at the data for a "white" group, they will be found to have a lower per capita crime rate than the majority population they live amongst. Would that be your belief?
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  9. Could you re-state your question? "Time and space"? Sorry but I don't have crime data going back to the origins of human activity in Sumeria or Mesopotamia.
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    Would we find that per capita crime rates for "whites" are the same in, say Switzerland, as they are for "whites" in the US, today?
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